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Company design of webpages optimized for SEO in finders, creates you now business online!

A unique digital experience with Whitechsolutions Barcelona

Whitechsolutions we are a design company Web in Barcelona, as Web gets hold of we offer different solutions for individuals, businesses, SMEs and companies. We work under the philosophy to give and to offer a treatment individualized and personal towards each one of the clients who arrive to us before the demand of any service related to marketing online. Our designs of webpages are optimized in all the fundamental aspects of the programming and the development Web. We observe all the standards and source codes correctly optimized for the positioning Web.

We strived to help, to advise you to you the best possible way, and to try that what we have designed with effort gets to transmit, gets passionate and has an excellent experience of user. We did not forget the purpose by which your project has been created, and it is that the Web gets to produce some benefits and attracts a great number of potential clients to your website, lies down online, blog or business online.

We are expert in creation of transmitting webpages

Design corporative Web

Design and development Web for companies with possibility of increase of authority and valuation of its brand

Programming Web to size

Programming Web outpost, creation of all type of applications Web in several programming languages

Design Web CMS WordPress

We to size design and we developed themes wordpress in this fantastic and functional manager of cohad

Stores Online ecommerce

Virtual catalogues and stores ecommerce with the possibility of integration of all the functionalities that you wish.

Design Web for SMEs

Creation of webpages for SMEs and medians companies that they look for to send his business in Internet

Redesign of webpages

Evolution of the Web and its design at a level superior, optimization of the source code and the appearance.

We optimize Diseo UX to improve the user experience


You renew style and you image with the design Web in WordPress and the development more professional Web. We work with the technique of the design adaptive Web or design Web responsive, that is based on the idea to as much optimize the visualization of a same page in different devices in computers, tablets and smartphones. The design responsive must as main velar objective and improve the experience of the user who sails through the Web.

This he is one of the main factors by which many experts consider to responsive the best technique of design existing Web, being able to unify contents and design, in addition to improving the SEO enormously, since in this way one is centralized and worked from an only place.

Around a 20% of the searches in Google movable devices and tablets are realised from, therefore the future and the present of the design Web is the webpages responsive.
Greater comfort as much for the user as for the reading that the web search engines realise of the site in order to value it in their impressions within the results search.

Digital marketing and SEO to present to you in Google

Much more that to position in Google is to position your brand in Internet, for that reason if you wish it we will collaborate and work to widely improve the image and the results of your proposal and your business so that they can find you in Internet. We realise SEO with natural techniques that help to widely improve the image and the results of your proposal and your business, because simply they will find you in Internet thanks to the implementation of a strategy based to a large extent on optimizing the positioning Web of your Business in the main web search engines.

And how it can be the design of my webpage

Creative and functional

Web with efficient, creative and functional design to improve the maximum the image of your company in Internet

Optimized speed Web

With clean source code, ordered and frisked with quick load that facilitates a great experience of user

With a design responsive

Design adaptive Web for navigation in all the devices, excellent experience of user

With high contents of quality

Essential contents of quality, as much texts as images must persuade and hook to the user within the creation Web

Optimized for SEO

A design optimized Web that in detail fulfills all the expectations of the positioning present Web.

We give all the files

We know that you need all the files endorsement, for that reason you will have a total delivery of the project that has been realised

design webpages

Web 2,0 with design UX and usability thought for the user

We look for and we give to importance to the service of creation and design Web UX oriented users, but also to finders

The satisfaction of the users who sail in creations of webpages under clean and minimalist designs Web, accompanied by an impressive graphical design. The message that are desired to transmit in a Web valued under an architecture functional Web, efficient and a marketing of contents generated strategically.

Accomplishment of a design Web that guards by the details as far as the usability and the experience of user, that is to say the impact that the interface, the contents and the design do on the user.

We approach the contents and the structure generated of a website towards potential clients thanks to the important details of a design as for example, the positioning of the elements, the fluidity of scroll, the weight of the images, really the optimization as far as usability and experience of user, that is to say the impact that the interface, the contents and the design do on the user, excellent factors also for Google.


A digital project oriented to secure results

Much more that to position to you in Google is to position your brand in Internet, and we are going to obtain it with total security in your project online!

Branding, image and programming obtained with the design and the development more professional Web to obtain major visibility in Internet.

As it gets hold of or company in Barcelona of design Web and digital marketing that we are we looked for the best conversion and possible sales for your business online, finding the yield and the level of benefits hoped on your project.
We do it generating the waited for repercussion of a webpage that transmits everything what it tries and it obtains the authority and relevance necessary to compete in Internet.

Digital projects oriented to obtain a yield totally, optimizing site towards users and by all means towards the web search engines, that are those that finally will end up thanking to a yield to your business the rate of conversion of the user in the website (CRO).

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