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    Fax: 0797-4435778
    Add: Hongjin Development District,Ganxian County,Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province,China
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    2012.3 Phase II transformation finished and put into operation

    2011.9 Recognized as a well-known trademark in Ganzhou

    2011.9 Recognized as high tech enterprise in Jiangxi

    2011.4 Listed among top 100-nongovernmental enterprises in Ganzhou, Jiangxi

    2011.3 Phase II ?technological transformation of the production line started

    2011.1 Awarded Annual Technological Innovation Enterprise in ?2010 in Gan county, Ganzhou, Jiangxi

    2010.12 Passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system authentication

    2010.4 Graded as ?Ratepaying Credit Enterprise in Ganzhou, Jiangxi

    2009.5 The improved production line was put into operation

    2008.12 ?Phase I of technological transformation of the production line started

    2007.7 Passed ISO9001:2001 quality management system authentication

    2006.8 Copper Cathode produced

    2005.8 ?Cobalt ?Salt series produced

    2004.6 Construction started ?

    2004.3 The company ?was founded