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    Fax: 0797-4435778
    Add: Hongjin Development District,Ganxian County,Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province,China
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    Tengyuan’s Culture


    Maximize our customers interest by providing low cost but high-value cobalt and copper products.

    Basic concepts

    Management concept: people-oriented, effective management; respect for knowledge and cultivation of qualified personnel.

    Business philosophy: ?Integrity & Innovation

    TengYuan spirit: integrity, dedication, cooperation, progress.

    TengYuan requirements: Identification with corporation culture, competence

    TengYuan Team: Harmonious , forging ahead; loyal to the corporation, sharing credit and blame.

    Application concept

    Quality philosophy: Quality is the king

    Service concept: Customer satisfaction is our responsibility; To exceed customer expectations is our pursuit.

    Work philosophy: Do it right the first time. Do it right every time.

    Learning philosophy: progress through learning; success through doing

    Life philosophy: mutual respect, mutual love

    Environmental philosophy: Environment friendly production

    Social responsibility: Creation of harmonious development for staff, enterprise as well as society.