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    Fax: 0797-4435778
    Add: Hongjin Development District,Ganxian County,Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province,China
    Your current location:主頁 > English > Recruitment > Recruitment >
    Job title:accounting The age requirement:20-35
    The sex requirement:no limit Degree required: More than a high school
    Belongs to the category:Recruitment data:13-12-11
    Other requirements:

    Job requirements:

    1, full-time accounting college degree or above, more than 30 years of age, three years financial work experience, there are more than junior technical titles;

    2, the country's financial, taxation laws, regulations, guidelines and policies, familiar with the industry business knowledge, good at learning and accept new knowledge;

    3, computer operation skill, able to skillfully use kingdee, ufida financial software, such as using ERP financial software is preferred.

    4, with excellent professional ethics, professional dedication and teamwork spirit, proactive, rigorous and efficient, a strong sense of responsibility.

    Remark: work for 8 hours making, free lunch, enjoy treatment of five insurance and company related after confirmation. Salary visual ability.

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