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    Fax: 0797-4435778
    Add: Hongjin Development District,Ganxian County,Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province,China
    Your current location:主頁 > English > Technology > R&D center

    Tengyuan Cobalt Industrial? has always been to innovation as the driving force, so pay attention to r&d and technology accumulation, nearly 5% of sales revenue each year on research and development, has nearly 30 strong r&d team, r&d engineers to lead the world of cobalt smelting of high and new technology research and application of cobalt roll out series of products and continuously expand through research and development and technological innovation, to enhance the competitiveness of the enterprises, and to enhance the customer value.

    Company now has a municipal enterprise technology center and enterprise research and development center, under the guidance of industry leader Xie Fubiao, Wu Yanghong, companies in the core technology of multilayer research and development and application of the leading enterprises in the domestic, gradually formed the three core technologies: optimal solution leaching, extraction, in addition to the magnesium, optimization of synthesis technology, in nonferrous metallurgy and material science research jointly promote the new technology innovation. Through technical innovation, has completed the transformation of scientific and technological achievements dozens of existing production line fully independent development, with independent intellectual property rights, the key equipment to complete the design, production, production process to achieve continuous, automation, original, technology level in the domestic leading level.