AAPos is a freeware point of sale software solution that automates, monitors and controls the purchasing and selling of goods and services for single retail stores based in Australia. Data is automatically gathered on all aspects of a business including stock, staff, sales, GST, suppliers and customers. The end result is the opportunity to reduce costs, maximise efficiency and the overall profitability of the store.




• Cost-effective way to automate your business
• Experience improved transaction speed and stock accuracy
• Improved customer service through faster access to information and speedy transactions
• Improved merchandise control
• Complete traceability
• A streamlined operation
• Efficient stock ordering process
• Greater flexibility in organisation of business
• Improvements in decision-making




• Captured data is presented in a wide range of simple reports

• Easy-to-use interface can be touch screen, keyboard or mouse driven

• A powerful search engine allows stock to be easily identified

• All invoices and receipts, labels, and reports are customisable

• Automatically generates barcode labels for stock items as they are received

• Handles both accounts payable and receivable. Information can be exported to popular accounting packages like MYOB

• Automatically monitors inventory levels allowing you to easily perform stock takes

• Set level of access to monitor your staff

• Records customer history

• Marketing tools allow you to direct mail, direct e-mail customers and offer loyalty points and customer loyalty cards.



Important Note

AAPos is freeware. There is no charge involved to download AAPos and use it in your store. However, please note that if you require technical support charges do apply. In most cases, by referring to the user manual (also available to download) you will find the solution to your problem.

Once you download the software you need to register it by clicking on the 'Register Your AAPos Software' button. Please follow the instructions carefully.




AAPOS is suitable for Australian businesses only.

Download time may vary depending on your internet speed. Save the zip file to your local hard disk and extract to a temporary directory to install AAPos.

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