The right price of a design Web

Which is the right price of a design Web

Often we ran into with users who ask themselves which is the price to pay by a design Web, or as usually it is shelp with a more colloquial language: How much a webpage costs.
As you already know a fast answer for this question does not exist, and if somebody gives it to you, it will be putting a price to a work that not yet knows.

The dilemma of all this is that as much designers, programmers and clients in most of the occasions feel that the price of the webpage is not just. The lack of information and communication on both sides added to that in many occasions it costs to understand what is being asked for, is some of the factors that influence and end up taking to a lack of understanding between both parts. Surely it sounds this phrase to you: €œI have an idea but not as transferring it€, and is that if is not spoken and all the aspects and details under a design budget are shaped Web, finally the work will end up becoming on the march, by all means, with the amount of problematic that this can carry.

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To fix the price of a design Web

  • 1. Use of groups or design to size
    One of the first aspects to differentiate is if we realised a development of a group or a to size unique design for this client. For it I recommend this post to size to you design or development of theme, where she is spoken more thoroughly mainly.
  • 2. Static Web or self-managementable
    By all means he is not the same to develop a Web in HTML of static way that to create a design Web from zero for a CMS, normally type CMS is more expensive.
  • 3. Structuring and contents
    It is necessary to leave or clearly if the structuring and the elaboration of contents of the webpage against the account run and position of the client or the designer, is much picaresque one in this aspect as much by the side of clients as of professionals, the best thing by all means is to clarify it from the home.

    The number of sections that the Web contains and the dimensions of the project that we have in hand must be perfectly defined

  • 4 Programming Web JS, PHP€¦ etc
    By all means a one of the most important aspects that they differentiate Web of another one is the programming that we include in her, is not the same simple Web with a contact form, that a project whom it requires of programming .NET, php€¦ etc.
  • 5. Graphical design
    Another one of the points most complicated to value and to define in the price of a design Web is the part of the graphical design, logo quality Web, or corporative image, banners€¦. by all means the level of graphical design and its complexity will mark a great economic difference.
  • 5. Footbridge of payment
    If our Web takes payment footbridge, we will have to define the type of footbridge and the configuration of the same. Details eg: Rates and imposed associates, rates by shipments, stock€¦ also mark a considerable difference.
  • 4. Bought images or free
    The bought images give a more professional and impressive touch to the Web, is not the same Web maquetada with photos of google images, that constructed other with bought photos.
  • 5. Number of allowed changes
    Of a way or another one limit to this aspect is due to put, a Web realised €œon the march€ and with infinite changes it must have a high price the more. In this point he is recommendable to be delicate and subtle, although conserving the sincerity and knowing the problematic one that this can bring if not specific at the suitable moment.
  • 6. Hiring of other services
    If who is a client in the same budget contract the project with design Web along with other services as for example SEO, perhaps we can offer a supply in the total price.
  • 7. Legal warning and policies of use and cookies
    Often when we arrived near the point of the launching from the Web at the political client is happened to him to include a legal warning and of use and cookies, by all means he is not recommendable to make a copy and it beats of another Web, since so that he is 100% legal cash and we have to develop this content from the advising of professionals who dedicate themselves to this field.
  • 8. Copyright and rights of author and operation
    To define the copyright, rights of author and rights of operation of the work, will avoid to you that some person tries to reproduce your work, and to profit from your work. If we shaped it in the budget everything will badly be settled avoiding future understood.


It fixes your prices and it works previously in good contract-budgets, so that the situation is but detailed the possible thing, you do not leave place to the imagination, is not advisable (as much from the point of view of the professional as of the client).
Here I leave you another you rule to establish a good price of design Web.

The debate is open, What price you would put to your webpage? I would like that you were who you put the orientative prices that you use for your work through the commentaries of this post

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