Tendencies in design Web 2015

Tendencies in design Web 2015

Goodbye to year 2014, and with some tendencies, fashions and styles in design disappear Web. It takes the 2015 and more than to appear new tendencies it seems to be, that some of the previous ones disappear. We make a sieve, and by all means we remained with the best thing, thus eliminating everything what in spite of its plasticity and elegance is not effective nor offers yield some for a webpage.

As in almost everything, they appear new fashions, we proved them, and immediately many of them are obsolete by their lack of effectiveness, others however if that last thanks to their good one for doing.

tendencies design Web
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I have summarized some of the characteristics in design Web with clear tendency to disappear for the 2015:

New Tendencies in design Web

  • 1. Goodbye to the slider
    Every time sliders are used to a lesser extent, mainly those of great size, rather are created sliders with a minimum altitude, creating better and more reduced head images, that they avoid to us to have to make too much scroll with the mouse to see the content of the webpage in which we are sailing.
  • 2. Parallax disappears
    Another aspect that is being stopped seeing is the effect parallax, has given bad results as far as the user experience, nonlegible text due to the difficulty to read it when we move on background, devices in which parallax slows down much€¦ are some of the causes to emphasize by which this fashion is in decay.
  • 3. The type of Web Portfolio disappears
    Many people demand a beautiful Web, for it concretely look for a Web type porfolio, with little or nothing of text and only visual content.

    Spent a time, in many occasions she is understood that these Webs are not worth to make SEO, and then comes the dilemma€¦€why did nobody warn to me of this?

  • 4. Webs with a single URL
    They are Webs with a navigation menu to which clicas and directly takes you to the part of the same page where it is that element, that is to say, all the Web loads on the same URL.

    They are pages with a beautiful design, but€¦ They are effective and valid for the SEO? , the answer is: No.
    The cause is simple to understand: if the user does not sail by the different pages from the site, Google will understand as it bounces all these visits, and therefore€¦ nor to speak to work the SEO with this material. We need Webs in which the user sails by several URLs and is the maximum time in each of them.


Evidently every time they look for plus the Webs of which to be able to obtain benefits and results, and those are a greater number of users who are abreast of the new tendencies, therefore perfectly understand what gives result and what no, in this point we them designers we must be, and offer beautiful and showy, but also efficient pages in the noticeable objectives.

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