Design to size or development of theme

Design to size or design with theme

One of the main debates that consider when a client demands a budget of webpage design is to know if the project who proposes to us requires, needs or demand of a design to size Web done, or on the contrary a development of theme (it soles).

When one is a client that or we know previously, or of somebody with knowledge in the matter, this debate usually is quite short, clearly and is transparent, however when it deals themselves with a new client who contacts to us, and is he who puts upon the table his project to us€¦ arise enough doubts in how to orient the proposal for the accomplishment of the budget of the design:

We can set out the possibility of using a group? , or better we shut up ourselves.! , sincerity and transparency or tactics and observation?

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Surely if you are designers or developer Web this moment is to you familiar, and is when a new dilemma is created, in you yourself and also between you and the client here who you have ahead.

Orienting the proposal of the design to size or the development of the group

  • It observes
    To know how to observe is one of the best qualities than a person can have in the life, and that in addition we can put in practice in almost any situation in which we have doubt exceeds how we must react.
    If you do not know the person that you have the best thing ahead is to observe, and that is el/ella that begins to develop and to speak what has in mind.
  • It throws the cane
    A subtle question to begin the debate: €œyou wish a design to size done? €, you do not raise it to the inverse one: €œyou want a group? €, this form to express to you is a little forces suicide on, and could be the face of your as pale client as the one of a vampire.
  • It measures the budget
    Evidently if the project proposal Web does not have economic average arguments nor to create a design to size€¦ directly you do not propose it!
  • Bill Vs Sinceridad
    Often to raise that we used themes or groups sounds us bad, and until we could feel us for this reason, uncomfortable but the reality is that a great project can have theme premium behind him, to create child themes and to structure them to your way considering the objectives that are marked in the project, can be a work 100% professional and of true artist.

    We are sincere, the majority of projects Web that are sent nowadays are created this way, and if they are made well they can much more be efficient that any other method.

    There are professionals who say €œI I do not use groups, are everything themes created by my€, but this way you will not be able to give cover to the majority of users, that look for something efficient, practical and that of results to cut-means term using a €œacceptable investment€ for them.


Very few companies are able to maintain the budget yet that supposes to create its own theme, what that implies. In addition the majority to proposals that arrive requesting a design Web, is users who really do not have as objective a design to size, therefore, and personally, fodder that we must open to way with the premium development of optimized groups good, that allows us to optimize them and professionally to adapt them for the yield of our projects.

The debate is open, to what extent we can be sincere?

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