7 Advice so that your Blog surpasses the year of life

We have been some years listening multiple theories on the Blogs: €œa Blog always is positive, positions to you, attracts clients to you, it is super good€¦ publishes and while more better€, the reality however is very different, and the certain thing is that a bad Blog done or in an inadequate place can even harm to us, it remembers that a Blog also increases to the visits but the percentage by ricochet of the domain in google analytics, therefore is necessary to think the pros and cons very well before acting.

First first of all we must know why we want to create a Blog within our website, or a website that is Blog €œto complete€, which are the reasons and the objectives that we want to fulfill, and on the basis of this, we will be able to discern and to see what is adapted, if to create or not to create the Blog.

To evaluate all this, is the first step that we must do, to know the false expectations, that is to say, what to know on the Blogging before home in this world
Many when they begin in the Blogging and they create his first posts think that the visits will arrive quickly, and that immediately you will have commentaries and mainly of good€¦ but this usually it is not thus, normally the process is very different and the success and the results if they arrive, normally take enough in doing it. Therefore the majority of new Bloggers ends up mainly leaving their projects, those that do not have a good spiritual guide that it advises to them, that is to say, a SEO.

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Next we set out a series of advice who will help to forget false expectations you on the Blogs, and that will reinforce your ideas and mentality so that you can surpass the year of life within the Blogging (from here your percentage of success will raise exponentially if you work well).

  • 1. The solitude of the initial stage
    You must understand that the first year of life of a Blog is €œsad enough€, the visits will be few at the outset, and what you write will have few readers, it sounds a little depressing, but it is the reality. On the other hand to comment that if you write content of quality dateless of lapsing sooner or later will end up generating traffic Web.
  • 2. A blog initially does not give to live
    In rare occasions a Blog gives to live, mainly at the home, ten in account that if you offer services through your Blog you will only be able to live directly on him. Phrases as: €œTo make money with your Blog€, €œit lives on your Blog€€¦ are hopeful, but real not 100%. If you want to live on a Blog you will have to offer services through him, in addition to having a good SEO.
  • 3. Mixture SEO and contents
    The SEO or the contents in case single they do not work in a Blog, you will have to learn to mix them of the best possible way.
    For it I recommend this post to you: How to attract vivitas Blog
  • 4. The certainty in publications
    Without certainty you are not successful, almost all work is thus, and blogging is not more than another work any. Perhaps mainly the first year of life of a Blog it is necessary to publish constantly, one to the day is most optimal, although 2.3 to the week also you can fulfill objectives in the short and long term.
  • 5. Do it legal
    Many Blogs are made lightly, without legal warning. While there is not a commercial objective is not necessary east text, although for example to include publicity already is within the mentioned thing previously, since you are acquiring money.
    Other problems that can arise and that can make you leave the Blog is the subject of the photos and the Copyrights, for that do not want to pay for that reason I free recommend free Images to you of author rights.
  • 6. The USA the controversy but with moderation
    To create controversy within a Blog is something positive, whenever you use it with moderation. One assumes that when you create controversy you are opening debate, and you are taking part and personal opinion from a certain situation. This gives a human touch that moderately can be good for the life of a Blogger, since to write as robots simply bore. It risks and it wins!
  • 7. Ten in account the new tendencies
    The new tendencies affect, the readers every time more are bombed by publications and you must mark the difference and to learn how a article of Blog is due to write, step by step, they ten in account that posts no longer is read, scan, and is very little time the one that a user dedicates to remain within your publication.

What you think? , You know some other advice who your Blog surpasses the year of life?
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