10 Problems of yield of my webpage

10 Problems of yield of my webpage

The time of load and the yield is one of the most common problems at the time of positioning a Web. To optimize the yield of the webpage is to be something indispensable and one of the main aspects to consider before home, and also a posteriori. It must be a continuous work and of which always we have to be pending.

If our Web has problems of load and therefore of experience of user as a result of this, it is very probable that as much Google as usuary they end up leaving it, and possibly€¦ never returning to her. Although the speeds of ADSL have increased, the patience of the user in the delay of the load of a Web is handicapped considerably.

Causes that generate yield problems

In this listing we observed the 10 more common problems that they inflict casualties in the yield of a webpage.
They can be used as checklist to verify the yield and the optimization Web of each of our projects.

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  • 1. Sliders
    Taken care of with some sliders, habitually they generate serious problems of load, by this and other similar causes every time exist less webpages with this characteristic.
    Perhaps if you use a cache in your Web server, this problem as so many others can be disguised or to even disappear.
  • 2. Load of js unsuitable
    Sometimes the designers or programmers we take a page group and we clone it to use it in all the pages of our site. If that group of page contains errors as for example the load of js unnecessary€¦ what we are generating is a global slowing down, since we are loading js unsuitable in many of the pages of our site.
  • 3. Repeated files CSS and disorganized
    Another one of the problems therefore we commented in the previous point can be to drag excessive calls of files css which really they are not used, or files css disorganized without minificar.
  • 4. It controls the ram of the servant
    WordPress and management of the memory and the resources of the servant
  • 5. Hosting decent
    Here simply I recommend this reading 10 advice to contract hosting Web
  • 6. Problems with visual maquetadores
    When you take long time using different visual maquetadores give account that some give problems you in certain groups or versions of the CMS, a posteriori in some updates of the group you even observe as they perhaps change the software of the visual maquetador that were incorporating, by the same problems that the users detect in failures of load or yield.

    Eye with the visual maquetador that you use, proves it well before sending.

  • 7. Data base with residual entrances
    The data bases of the CMS as WordPress, habitually create registries erased trash, entrances, elements that are not used€¦ etc
    He is recommendable to clean to the data base with some plugin of the type: €œOptimize database to after revisions€.
  • 8. Processes zombie in the servant
    Something or the more atypical but that can pass with the use of WordPress either other CMS, is the execution and viralizaci³n of processes zombies within the Web server, that is to say, processes that enter tail and is repeated time and time again hoping €œto be killed€ manually. I recommend to have a pursuit from time to time connecting to us by SSH, and to execute the commando €œps - aux€ to see that processes are being executed at those moments within our Servant.
  • 9. Images with too much weight
    Another one of the most common problems is the insertion of images to great size perhaps and weight, cms or the group sometimes show them in so large minor, but the real image this being loaded to the 100%, which in the long run and with the load of a great number of images we can be having a serious problem of yield.
  • 10. Loads of elements noncontrolled
    Diverse plugins or iframes that we inserted in our Webs are not controlled 100%, we must make sure that these elements load of €œindependent€ form to the rest of elements of the Web, that is to say, if for example we have plugin of social networks we must assure to us that in case this fails, the Web will load with normality and it does not hope to that plugin loading, otherwise, totally we will be sold, because if plugin or iframe with a map load€¦ the whole Web will not hope.

    Normally these elements or other alternatives to them allow us to be formed so that they load independently not slowing down all the process of native load of our Web.

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