Marketing of contents: Your objective public chooses

Marketing of contents: Your objective public chooses

In the times that run as much buying as salesmen know perfectly that the traditional technique of publicity has acquired a new commercial culture, no longer is enough only with placing a poster in the public thoroughfare. Now €œwe move€ of way online, and is in this means where the marketing of contents is focused in working to catch the attention of the clients in the businesses online, with certain determined characteristics, that they will be those that the salesman wishes, but mainly those that the market demands, since in the end he is the one that decides sovereign.

If you have a store e-commerce and you wish to increase the notoriety of your brand, you have to know clearly in first instance which is the segment from market to which to point the publicity that is going away to send. The power to divide and to segment the hearing is the breakthrough of marketing in the last decade, and thanks to this point we can mark the difference with respect to our competitors.

From now on, you will think about how generating security and empathy in your public, how doing contributor of the brand or the person to them that is behind everything, and in how obtaining that they feel that this contributes value to them. The generation of a useful content is what the users look for. If you offer it in your Web, they will take it and they will do it his. Later feedback will be the main one ordered to attract traffic Web and through him the conversions and results (the main objective).

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The marketing of contents does not consist of selling, but about which a client thinks €œI identify myself with this message€. Therefore, it is not necessary to speak of the product or service, you must show kind qualities of it e, even, to obtain that these last after the purchase.

Surely, if you have put hands to the work with creation of content for your Web or blog, you will have been made the question that initially all we are made: quality or amount? The reality is that the quality gives to major conviction to a possible client who the amount. We repeat, the marketing of contents is focused to a concrete hearing, the segmentation and the knowledge to choose your objective public are the key to position and to secure conversion to us.

The benefits to work the good Marketing of contents

In addition, at the time of raising positions in results of organic searches, the Positioning Web (SEO) awards what excellent content for the users considers. To be informed into what tendencies of keywords are in height and what is the demand (anticipating us to her), it will help you to be in the first positions.

Another doubt that can arise is the one of what type of content to create, that is to say, how you arrive until the hearing. The last studies demonstrate that the audio-visual content is the one that is preferred to consume information, this obeys to the rule of €œdon't make me think€. At the most easy you put it to the buying, greater potential is the probability that I close the sale.

In order to make the sounding of previously how it is the market that interests to you, is necessary as well as possible to know the niche which you are going away to direct and the market which you are arranged to enter.

Really, to make the good marketing of contents you must innovate, surprise and amuse your followers. It measures the reactions brought about by those contents to be able to make an intelligent decision. I know creative, uses engagement to create brand.