Antiplagio: 3 tools to avoid duplicated content

3 tools antiplagiarism

The users who frequent and sail Internet assiduously will be in many occasions with publications in diverse portals with a very similar content among them. So similar that sometimes it seems copied and certainly in more in one go thus he is. The duplicated content is extremely frequent in average digitalises and, nevertheless, for that reason the creators of contents are not authorized to work of this form. He is more, the duplicated content is penalized by Google, that consider and label to this Web as plagiarism, problem that initially could have solved if the new publications had passed through a filter with the due tools anti-plagiarism, mainly before indexing in the finder.

Sometimes to plagiarize a text is not a conscious act, but when reading them it can be that we retain the titles and parts of that I scan of the post in our memory, although the serious problems of plagiarism and penalties come generally when we make a copy/beats scandalous and repeated of other Webs, thinking that we will gain traffic fast and easy, when we are really throwing overboard the authority of our domain in Google.
Or to copy part of the content €œunconsciously€ or everything to complete, Google takes it into account at the time of I even scan and indexing of that concrete page, or of all their domain to the complete one if it considers that the plagiarism is serious or repeated.

Therefore, our publications will be creating us a certain traffic direct Web at the moment of launching, tweet, or link in social networks, but spent some hours or days absolutely nothing of organic traffic will be generating us, and even as it shelp previously, it could penalize us in the impressions that show us in the results search from all the website the complete one.

In order to avoid disagreeable surprises as this, he is advisable to get used to using tools anti plagiarism. In this way we will make sure that our work is efficient and positive as much for our readers (that they will be able to find original content) as for the finder. Without a doubt to use tools anti plagiarism to verify the originality of texts will be a perfect formula to simulate the operation of the filters of the algorithm of Google.

FEED Plugin WordPress

Feed Tool Anti Plagiarism

feed anti plagiarism
Perhaps a good tool is Feed, that it allows to personalize and to insert unique content within our messages and titles in our Feeds, his beats is that to enjoy all functionalities you will have to acquire the premium version. In addition to being simple in his use, also it adds the warning of copyright in feed RSS.

Plagiarism WordPress

Plagiarism Tool Anti Plagiarism

anti plagiarism
Another tool is Plagiarism, plugin gratuitous of WordPress that shows if the text of posts and pages of our platform wordpress is indexing and contains chains of characters similar to others in the network. So that, on the march, it is possible to be modifying the text and the words to obtain that it is most original possible. It works in the same way for new posts that we are publishing then or for sent articles previously.

Plagiarism Checker Online

Previous similar to but the version Online, without needing installing nothing.

Copyright Proof for WordPress

Copyright Proof Tool anti plagiarism

tool anti plagiarism
On the other hand, Copyright Proof offers many useful possibilities for a writer or simply somebody that wants to have an interesting blog and with original publications. Aside from being a tool to detect duplicates, like the previous tool antiplagiarism does not allow to digitally certify the content as much in home as in different articles or pages from the site, which can be useful if you are in the process of development and launching of the Web.

Plagspotter antiplagiarism by URL

Finally and although they are more than 3, as extra I recommend this app Web that midel % of duplicated content of a URL makes specific or a name of domain to the complete one, thus we will have a more exact vision if we can have problems by natural and creative plagiarism or this being in our Web or blog.

Any professional bloguero and, by all means, those people whom they have as objective to position his Web, must add to their sites the tools anti plagiarism. In this way, we will make sure that our content is 100% original one, now it will only lack that publication is interesting, novel and productive for our reader, in fact most complicated

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