To solve problems when sending post office from my servant

How to solve the problems when sending post office from my servant

The problems are many that a servant of own mail can give us, sometimes the post office and emails which we sent arrives at the Spam folders of our adressees, and the same can happen us to the inverse one.

Whatever your business in Internet as a rule the communication via mail usually is very important, and therefore we needed to work with a service of safe and trustworthy email, so that the post office flow with normality in the reception and shipment of the same.
problems shipment of post office
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In this post we are going to as much show to possible problems and solutions for the salient mail as incoming.

Problem mail with emails salient that arrives at Spam

Causes of the problems with the salient mail that arrive at Spam or are rejected.

  • The email heads
    One of the first things that we can verify when emails fails is to review the email heads, in them we will obtain excellent data that it can remove to us from doubts.

    We can send a mail to us to any account of mail with gmail, hotmail destiny or another name of domain anyone, will thus obtain a reception of the head that we are sending in ours mails.
    heads email
    In the heads of an email we observed:

    • Name of the machine PC that sends the email
    • IP of exit and dns of the network of the PC or equipment in which the shipment begins
    • Hostname of the servant of post office, important to modify and not to leave localhost.localdomain
    • Existence, behavior and resolution of registries SPF
    • Correct inverse resolution PTR in the DNS
    • If some protection exists anti-virus in the process
  • The IP of the servant and the lists of Spam
    Once we verify the heads and if all this ok, we come to review if the IP of our servant of mail is in Spam list.
    For it we accede to and we verified the existence of our IP in blacklist.
  • The lists of Spam by domain name
    In the same way we must verify that our name of domain is not in blacklist of mail nonwished.
    Spam list
  • The absence of digital signature
    It is not necessary to use it to the 100%, but to have a digital signature complicates that our post office can be supplanted in identity (phising), which if it happened could put to us in problems.

Problem mail with emails incoming and registries SPF

Causes of the problems with the incoming mail

  • That the origin of the mail previously has the mentioned problems
    In that case the problem would be of the sender and not ours.
  • The configuration of our filter anti Spam
    In the managing program of mail or the configuration of our servant of mail we will be able to establish a level in filter antiSpam for our incoming post office
  • The registries SPF and their configuration in the DNS
    Registry SPF allows to moderate the policy of filtrate, acceptance and rejection of the post office. This registry TXT type is inserted in the DNS and will be used in the heads of mails.
    In order to create registries SPF they exist generating online as this:

Alternatives to postfix and qmail

If we have a servant of mail in postfix or qmail and are tired to try configurations that do not give result exist some alternatives that will provide an external management to us of our post office simple and much more perhaps efficient.
One of the best options for it is without a doubt Google apps bussiness, to transfer the management of our servant of mail to Google is a good option that we can consider seriously, the only disadvantage is the invoicing of 4‚¬/mes on behalf of mail.

To have the mail in Google Apps allows to gain many points so that all the post office enter and leave adequately, arriving even at complicated mailboxes of entrance as it can be hotmail. In addition it allows us to have our own digital signature and management of the mailbox from any managing program or device. All this by all means, conserving our domain in the syntax of the email account.

Forming mail with google Apps Bussiness step by step €“ > a FAST SOLUTION SO THAT OUR SALIENT POST OFFICE DO NOT ENTER Spam

The most professional solution if you have many accounts of mail and do not want to have the external service is to form the inverse PTR and the DKIM->:

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