Design Web responsive, If or no?

Design Web Responsive, if or no?

The design Web responsive or design responsible and adaptive Web has been being born for some time in order to not to have to create several Webs that work independently in each device with connection to Internet, that is to say, for computers, tablets or smartphones.

This solution of design Web allows us to centralize the work in only one, saving time, energy, costs and avoiding to have to work with subdomains or other somewhat complicated solutions.

Evidently this way to work allows us to advance and to use the Webs from another point of view, now we thought better more and about the design from the point of view of the width of the screen that is used by all means and from the best experience of user, for a more comfortable navigation in our webpage.

design Web responsive
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Pros and cons of the design Web responsive

Sight this, now I must say that the best solution for our Web not always is a responsible design, many when they read this will take the hands at the top, but really not always one is the best option, now we will see why.

When to create a design responsive?

  • When the design responsive causes that the user experience improves while the content continues being the same.
  • When it favors to that content duplicated between the versions does not exist and others.
  • When it eliminates absurd redirections subdomains or others.
  • When it simplifies the content and it forces to identify the content that is high-priority, in this way to optimize the experience of user in devices smartphones and tablets.

When not to create or to update to a design responsive?

What attempt to explain with these examples is that there is cases in which we have problems more serious than the design is responsive, therefore if you are in one of them, better solve it and later it updates to responsive.

Therefore first you do not fall in the main errors in design Web

  • For Webs with contents of videos flash or similars that do not allow to be visualized in some smartphones and tablets (Apple). It does not have sense according to my opinion to orient the design to these devices, better to invest first in updating the format of reproduction of the videos for example to mp4.
  • For websites with sidebar €“ full Column right of sponsorships, this fact can condition at the time of wanting to us to make our Web responsive, where to place the content of sidebar? if we placed it to €œseveral movements of scroll€ the client who phelp by the announcement could complain, since in the version previous Web his banner he appeared in the first screenshot when opening home and in the version responsive then€¦ depends.
  • For a Web with many effects, considering that in some navigators Web of reasons could give problems.
  • For some stores online in which most of usuary they sail from pc/escritorio and at the moment already one is being fulfilled the objectives. If the thing correctly goes better to study well at the time of updating to responsive
  • When the menu of the Web has many options and we cannot summarize them or really eliminate them under any concept. And as a result of this problem we did not find a suitable solution that it does not end up harming to the rest of the design.

Really, the design Web responsive is recommendable but sometimes it is expensive or unsuitable, in addition when implementing it we must always consider possible €œflights€ or problems that can arise. Constructing therefore one better experience of user as long as this is the most viable solution of all.

What you think?

Examples of Webs that not yet are Responsive and are in the positions top:

  • Softonic
  • Periodic Ace
  • Periodic Brand
  • €¦ etc.

If you think that in your case the best thing is to create a movable version parallel, in this post I show to you how to create a Redirection htaccess for movable version

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