10 advice to contract hosting Web

Many incognitos and ignorance exist generally on the Web servers, hosting or lodgings Web. We write this posts to solve all these doubts that arises when you wish to contract hosting and you do not know by where home, that it is needed or to what suppliers you must go.
In the first place I advise to you to read this article that dedicated servant speaks on the differences between VPS, and hosting.

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10 advice who you must consider at the time of contracting hosting:

  • 1. He thinks about the investment that you need for your hosting:
    First by all means it is the money and the project that we ahead have, if it is a project of new generation with a traffic normal Web we did not need a dedicated servant, with a VPS or hosting we can work exceeded.

    If we can allow obvious to engage a dedicated physical servant us in a new data center always is going to us to benefit in the rapidity of load of the Web and in the SEO, but for a simple Web sometimes he would be as leading a Ferrari to 40km/hora.

  • 2. Geolocalizaci³n IP
    Thinking about the SEO and more the benefits for the positioning of our Web, the logical thing is to locate ours hosting in the same country where we want to obtain organic traffic through Google, therefore if we are for example in Spain, the logical thing is to engage a servant in this same country.

    Many suppliers offer what virtual IP is called or geolocalizaci³n IP, that means that to the Web server this physically connected for example in France, but that through a camouflage of the IP we will see it as if it was really in Spain or in the country that interests to us according to YOU GO of assigned network.

  • 3. Level of knowledge:
    According to the level of knowledge that we must to create or to manage our new space Web, we will have to choose between one or the other option, I explain myself:

    We know to enter by SSH terminal, FTP, to form firewall€¦ etc? If we do not know to realise these operations the best thing is to show preference for a supplier of services with a good support so that they help us in these operations if outside necessary.

  • 4. Level of support and help of the supplier
    Here I will go to the grain, basic I am system adiniatrator reason why I have touched to infinity of Web servers and hostings. A day I fell in the error to contract 1&1, the files of the Web they were not possible to be raised the complete one, they gave to error, the answer of the support was that there was no type of ascent limit.

    A year later in another company in that I worked, passed the same when contracting another space Web with them, raised of pack and contracted to another one hosting better thinking than the problem could be that, but the result was identical: in the middle of the ascent of the Web the transference was cut. Different connections, different accounts, different spaces Webs and the same problem. The support in no occasion provided a solution to us.

    In order to finish off at that time 1&1 it had permanence commitment, (now I do not know it).

  • 5. Telephone of support
    It is important to have an accessible telephone in the Web where contracts hosting, any problem that arises you will have accessible a faster and effective direct bonding than the email.
  • 6. Possibility of realising backup
    Many suppliers give the possibility of realising backups programmed of the content of hosting, is a point to favor, in addition if backup is external better than better, since in case of fall we would have access to the copy to be able to raise the service in a different place.
  • 7. Technical requirements of the machine
    Whichever ram or hard disk we needed? good this is very relative and depends much on the type of Web, obvious for a CMS we will need more ram and an access faster hard disk by requests to YOU.

    Another important point can be to consider if you are going to use the mail of the machine or service DNS, also consumes resources.

The best advice to contract to a Hosting Web

Personally under my experience I have a pair of suppliers that throughout my race have seemed me the best ones with difference, but my recommendation in this case is going to be stops:

Web Hosting €“ GIGAS:
Why to contract GIGAS:

After seeing what we needed and the problems of other suppliers I recommend GIGAS to you for 6 reasons:

  • 1. Telephone of support free 900€¦
    Phone number of help and support free, the best thing of the best thing.
  • 2. The best support than I know
    They take care of to you as king, the good humor and competent people, take care of they themselves to you and not third companies.
  • 3. At the moment they offer 2 months of test totally free and without commitment of permanence
    Speechless that can more be shelp.
  • 4. They help you to with the migration of your Web
    They help you to migrate your Web from your old lodging to his, where they do this more?
  • 5. Possibility of realising backups at any moment internal and external accessible
  • 6. This post goes by you
    I want to personally be thankful for to GIGAS the deposited confidence in my project, and imagine that in the same way they bet by other blogs or platforms to give help, support, and infrastructure.

A greeting,
By “scar Carrillo