7 advice to improve Positioning Web

We begin this article advising advice to improve the Positioning Web in finders is not to commit errors. So many Webs exist working badly the SEO that sometimes simply with not committing errors is enough to position itself moderately, although also depends on the competition of that keyword and the authority of the domain at issue.

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Also to say that one of the main errors when the positioning works Web is the anxiety and the haste, this the base of all error. If you want to do the things in conditions first that you must have are patience, energy and a good initial strategy. For it first it is to have confidence in your experience, and by all means to ignore the voices that request immediate results to you being conscious that arriving at highest it requires his time.

The best advice to improve the Positioning Web

  • To construct URLs well

    We cannot realise URls of the type:


    The suitable URL would be for example something similar a:


    Simple practitioner and without more introductions, is only necessary to apply something of logic.

    Or even better still:

  • To respect the hierarchy in the labels and size of sources
    He is not advisable for example to place a H2 label with so large major of source that a H1, this mosquea a little to the finder in depends that cases.
  • It measures the number of words that you use
    I have seen Webs that have a bad SEO because of €œmini publications€, publish to publish so that they do not lower the visits, this in the long run can give serious problems. He is better 3 publications to the week that have a worked content, that not 10 publications with 150 or 200 words each.
  • Eye with backlinks
    The strategy of external liaisons must be elaborated considering the time and the difference enters connections follow and nofollow, that is to say, a good strategy of connections can fail if we realised it in 2 months and to prevail if we realised it with patience during 4 months. Better little by little, since one assumes that the majority of links we must obtain them of natural form.
  • It alternates the work of external liaisons and internal
    If as we have shelp before we cannot put all the links that we have pensandos in just a short time, the best thing meanwhile is to be putting in and working the structure of internal liaisons. A good internal structure of links can help to external a short or insufficient strategy of backlinks.
  • Not to €œthe stupid€ content
    Sometimes we want to reinforce so much one keyword that we do not make more than repeat it without saying nothing new over and over again, neither the user nor the web search engine are stupid, so saves the attempt to you.
  • To control the bounce
    Something that I will enter to debate in future and more thoroughly is the percentage by ricochet, sometimes they put us by the eyes and they convince to us that having a Blog within a corporative Web it is good. I think that she can be beneficial or detrimental, everything depends on how she takes to end.
    We have to consider that a Blog raises the percentage much by ricochet, we will have to by ricochet maintain the balance between the increase of visits and the increase of the percentage of the site generally.

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