How my webpage sees Google

All the finders and in particular we will speak of Google, track our Web through a dredge or €œspider€ that will be the order to pass the corresponding parameters through the algorithm, and from our Web it will be valued here and rankeada in the results search. The first step at the time of learning SEO is to know and to understand this process, of this form at the time of designing or to create content within a Web we will be able to realise what reverse engineer is called, that is to say, we will think about as Google is storing and to whereas clause our structure and content Web later to include it in its index, updating the data that already etc. has€¦.

The spider in charge to track not it for of graphical form as we through our navigating conventional Web see it: chrome, firefox€¦ etc, although if it keeps registries and captures from the visual aspect.
In this posts I have wanted to realise a spice of the simulation nearest the reality of how Google sees my webpage, for it I have used as example my personal Blog SEO Barcelona, where by the way I explain SEO step by step from 0 and in real time (in case it interests to you).

This is a screenshot of a navigator in way console of linux, Lynx call, which ground to use commonly to do an idea to me of how my Web is understanding the finder, to a side the source code and the other navigator Lynx the console, later already we will have time to see the visual result.

as my Web sees google

  • The screenshot of Lynx is quite clarifying, in her we observed that the title h1 of the Web is located above, this is a technical a little aggressive SEO and with danger to consider on-optimization, although in some Blogs or another type of Webs she continues still working the thousand wonders.
  • Next a brief description of the site, very important so that Google understands who I am and which is the thematic one. The best thing always that is to say, who I am or what I do of possible the brief form and better written up, including these lines in a visually acceptable place in which as much the finder as the user has it accessible.
  • The menu of connections has the right links, I am reserving the Juice Link for important things. There is people who say: €œwhile more contained keywords€, this is true more and also false because it can fulfill the two premises, since if we did not insert well the content within our Web and the distribution of link juice is not the adapted one we will be harming to all the domain.
  • Later the titles of posts in successive labels of headed h2 and€¦ I do not use infinity of labels of headed nor last links to my posts, friendly Webs€¦ etc, in this sense I am quite greedy until the authority of lifted domain is something the more, since it is a domain just created.
  • In order to finish to the links of author and categories.

, If we want to do an idea to us of how Google sees our Web we must compare our source code with alternative navigators Web, really navigating Web nongraphical.
If we do not understand nor we know to analyze the source code of a Web we will not be able to realise analysis, and without a previous analysis we cannot work the SEO of an suitable form, it would be as going with the bandaged eyes.

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