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Tendencies and errors in Design Web

Seeing as 2014 as far as tendencies in design Web finishes to the year, we intuited as it will be the fashion in 2015, the update of sites Webs is increasing and the demand of update is realised every time of faster way.
Still they are people who wait for results of cheap and little professional Webs as far as design and structure, but the majority already we have realized of which cheap sometimes it ends up leaving expensive, and the best thing without a doubt is a Web worked in design, source code, structure, usability and functionality.

Sometimes the client looks for a design wonderful Web and loaded of effects in movement, parallax€¦ etc. We fall in an error home our project thinking about these aspects since they must be the latest in being developed within a good planning. The success of a design depends more on its simplest and functional completion starting off of until the point advanced as far as effects and €œbrilliance€ that our new project allows to develop us.

errors in design Web
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Designs Web to size or development of groups

In my opinion not always a design is better to size, it does not have because €œto encasquetar€ an own design to each client, each project is different, it depends on the budget and also it is necessary to know how to distribute to that budget and those working hours in productive aspects for the Web that we are developing.

The error of many companies of design is common Web to invest all the budget of a Web in creating a full project of effects, graphical design€¦ etc, with this exhaust the budget and later they do not have time to create a good structure of URLs, to verify the perfect operation in different navigators€¦ etc. We thought about the project? , or we only thought about using the budget of the client in working in which we like really more, Creativity? IF, but with logic and being practitioners at any moment.

Structure and usability along with the design

First of all, planning:
Content >> Directory >> Categories >> URLs€¦.
It is not so difficult, I assure it.

Functionality and use

As what it serves a beautiful Web if it is not functional and practical, before publishing we have it to occur it to the less capable person with the computer that we know, and will thus make a will if we have created something practical or functional or only we ourself we know to use it and to develop. You remember that the Web is not for us, is for the end user.

Optimized source code

css HTML
Assiduously Webs arrive to me that want to work the positioning Web SEO in Google, but when I see its source code I make use and the head and shout: how be created can a page for home with 300 labels of headed? , it is not worth the answer to me: €œit is that I am designer, nonwork in SEO€, already but€¦ you will have read yourself why serves each label HTML that you are using within the code no? H1 is a title and a headed label HTML of, does not serve to name to each widget and each objective that is wanted to stand out within the Web, for that we have the labels strong, Spam€¦ etc.

The tendencies in design Web for 2015

  • Greater images or of complete width:
    Brilliant, although verifying that the weight of the image is adapted in all the devices
  • Design responsive:
    Wonderful, but for some projects no, it imagines that I have a lateral bar to sidebar full of sponsoring, what would think if his banners appears underneath the central content of the body?
  • Menus for mobiles in version writing-desk:
    Good idea, but assures that all the users find the menu you, is not going to be that they close the Web thinking that it does not exist, would be one cagada total
  • Minimalist designs:
    They enchant to me, light, simple and of fast load.
  • More scroll:
    The current trend is the one to create more containing within a same URL forcing to the user to realise more scroll. Google looks with good eyes that containing within the same URL are more, but as long as the percentage by ricochet of that page is low, that is to say, that the user ends up clicking where he is and he continues sailing.

    Therefore and in conclusion: More containing within the same URL is well, but not all the content.

  • Cleaner typography:
    Better reading, designs where the user enjoys reading, good idea, I like this type of Webs, are comfortable and I spend more time to me of the normal thing in them, is one of best the tendency in design Web for the 2015.

The new tendencies are very well, but they are due to realise visually with the head, starting off of most basic and made a will at the most attractive speaking. The best design Web is the one that is realised under a suitable planning. Tuna if it is good twice good. What you think?

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