Latch: It protects Login WordPress from your smartphone

Latch: It protects Login WordPress from your smartphone

One of the problems that WordPress drags from its homes is the security of its nucleus, to decipher login wordpress can be something €œsimple€ for certain hackers or users with something of knowledge in computer science security.
Therefore while more levels of difficulty we put in our system better than better, in articles back we spoke of how to hide wp-admin of WordPress, even so if somebody were able our to user and password we could protect ours login (wp-admin) through ours smartphone with a digital latch, that is to say, still knowing our credentials they would need to have our mobile to be able you join our panel of administration.

Latch is a tool that allows to create a digital latch for the access or login to a panel of administration located under CMS as: WordPress, Joomla€¦ etc, although in this article we are going to concentrate specifically in how protecting login of WordPress with Latch.

This tool is created and developed by the company They elevate Paths, that has been able to create a perfect application to close and to block the access to login of a concrete website, protecting it and being necessary an authorization from the device smartphone to activate the access again.

In addition Latch has other applications and tools, centered in the protection of digital identities in Internet and the computer science security, all of them focused in establishing token or €œadditional€ element of security that makes difficult to the access to the administration of sites Web or services in Internet, in addition to the option of being able €œto throw the latch€ when the situation requires it.

latch wordpress

Forming Latch WordPress step by step

1. To install plugin Latch
Once within logeado Latch and with the opportune credentials we opened to our panel of administration wordpress and installed plugin of latch

plugin latch

2. Obt©n an account of Latch
It registers your Latch account and later qualify it from the activation mail.

3. In the Web of Latch we went to the developer area and registered a new account:

We go to €œmy applications€ and created new app
new app latch

Now it must appear to us api key and secret key of new app of latch that we finished creating.
api key latch

We copy the previous data and we went to the administration panel wordpress >> Ajustes >> Latch Settings
latch settings

And we introduce api here key and secret key
api key tach

Only we already have left to do the twin one, for it we unloaded app latch for our device smartphone and accede to the area €œTo add new service€
latch iphone

We initiate session with our account of Latch
latch iphone

Clicamos on obtaining code and will appear to us a code that expires in 1 minute.
latch iphone

Within the section usuary >> your profile of our panel wordpress appears the option €œlatch token €œ, we must introduce here the code that indicates our movable device to us.
latch token

Once fact this, already we have finalized the twin one successfully
latch iphone

From this moment we will be able to block login of ours wordpress from our movable device, we only must throw the latch from here.
latch iphone

Seem to You useful does east new level of added security to our WordPress?

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