Gu­a de Marketing: As creating content for a Blog CAP 3

As creating content for a Blog

Welcomes to a new chapter of this Gu­a de Marketing for nascent, we bring up to date ourselves and we have already seen what is the marketing of contents and how this one generates SEO, later we could observe marketing guide and the types of content and now we are going to develop how to create content for a Blog, that is to say, how the SEO generates Marketing of contents (the inverse one of the first chapter of the guide).

The moment in that arrives we have a sensational idea in our mind, want to develop it and to publish it in our Blog, we spent hours and hours writing it but later for some strange reason that in principle seems inexplicable our post not it is read and it does not position in Google, does not attract traffic and therefore it is unsuitable, a work to the trash, and we asked ourselves: why isn't my post read? , in what I am failed?

This error is very common because first we must know how to generate content for a Blog or a Web, on what titles to write and how to select later to create and to transmit. In many Blogs you will find information that on the matter it says: €œTo write with feeling blah blah blah is the key of the success€¦€, but they are all fast talkers what does not want to you to keep awake the secret or simply not know it Today€¦ here if we are going to keep awake the true key of the success for a Blog.

contents blog

Previous concepts to create quality content

First of all we have to know clearly a basic concept, if we want to position some certain key words in the finder using our publications, Google will value better and it will have more to us in account if we wrote articles related to this certain keyword. Of another way he would be very complicated to position, since a single and isolated publication on a certain subject will not work to us.

Another important aspect and that we must consider is that there are to be conscious of the authority and rank that our domain has, if we have in our hands a domain of recent creation we cannot fight by keywords of two words as €œBarcelona floors€, we will have to lower a level or two, so that within a time when we already have sufficient authority to be able to fight by keyword generic €œBarcelona floors€

Barcelona floors

A good reference to see the domain authority that we have is the bar SEO of moz, although without no tool and by logic you will know with that you will be able to compete and with whom no.

Process to identify titles that attract traffic

The following step is to identify what titles are those that attract traffic, which is the competition that they have and what it demands has at this moment.
The process consists of 4 steps that at first we must make them of form manual, but that a posteriori if the thing marches well we will have search some method to mechanize the process:

  • Search of the concept, keyword with one or two words, that is to say, keyword generic by which we looked for to compete
  • To generate an ample list of titles, as it commented previously must exist a correlation between the authority of the domain and the title of our publication. If the domain is new we will have to bet by keywords long tail (keywords longer), and later keywords of less words
  • Prioritization of titles to know which of them are more important
  • To generate contents around the same, contained always related are better, to form a publication maze of quality around keyword generic.

Sources to know of what writing and creating the content

  • Google Trends:
    This tool gives the one tendency us keyword, what is what the users are demanding at the moment. We must write our content when the demand is low and to publish it in ours home (to transmit the link to him juice) and to give force him from Social Networks when the demand is high (when trends arrives at the tips within google)
    google trends
  • Seeking intern:
    Through seeking intern that we have in our Web, we will know the interests the users, what is looking for and what they need
  • Real Time analytics:
    We publish a certain article and thanks to the real section Time analytics of google analytics we will be able to identify more titles for that certain keyword.
  • Social networks and commentaries:
    When we have a feedback and we interacted with our clients and users we obtain ideas through them for new titles.

How to know the competition that content

Simply through tools SEO as the planner of key words of Google Adwords, or tools of payment as SemRush or SIstrix.
Through them we will be able to know that domains are positioned with that keyword, what traffic obtains and what titles use. (Competition + Searches = We limited field for our list of possible titles)
This we will step by step see it in following chapters of this guide, for it

Compilation and conclusions

  • Adwords gives the demand us
  • Semrush, Sistrix gives the competition us
  • Suggest and the finder of Google us can offer a variation of titles (lowering a level in the search as we saw in €œBarcelona floors€ we will be able to lower the competition)
  • Our imagination us can offer variations, content of quality and related articles to cross among them them and to increase to the populidaridad of that keyword in ours site.

Gu­a de Marketing of contents for nascent:

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