How to reclaim my name of domain

How to reclaim my name of domain

The clients are several who arrive to us with the following problem: they have a domain name that is registered with its personal data, but do not have access to him because the person that the purchase realised or that manage it is not arranged to facilitate the user and password to them necessary to be able to administer it at will.
How .es works the hierarchy in the domains: €“

The or is the organization in charge of the management of all the domains with extension .es. One is available through the public organization enterprise, that as well depends on the Ministry and the Government of Spain.

This Web puts at the disposal of the users who require it the possibility of registering and of managing domains. But in addition it offers a function to us that can be of much utility, and is the one to solve the possible conflicts with the domain names .es.

Recording agents of domain

They are the Webs that sell the domain names to us, to be recording agent previously you must ask for the discharge in
Therefore any Web that sells or manages names of domain with extension .es, is with an authority inferior to which it exerts on this name.

To reclaim access and password to the domain name

Simply what we have to do in these cases is to enter and to reject to agent recording of domain (the Web where the domain was bought) and to eliminate the administrative contact or any intermediary that is interfering to us. The only requirement is that the domain name contains to us as titular of the same.
When registering a domain name. it is in any Web that works as recording agent asks for a series to us of necessary data for the WHOIS and the purchase.
These data are divided in:
To title of the domain: it will facilitate to us you go ESNIC for the Web of
Administrative contact: We will obtain another one you go for
Technical contact: We will obtain another one you go for

These id's therefore will be visible in section WHOIS of the Web domain name register, if not also from the Web of they will be able to facilitate us YOU GO associate to our national identity document, if we are as titling or administrative contact of some name of domain.

Once we have acquired you go, we went to and in the section management of domains we looked for the option: €œTo change e-mail€, it will be the mail that is associate to ours YOU GO, and to realise this proceeding simply we will have to facilitate photocopies of the national identity document of the holder and to enclose it to the request of change of email.

to recover key names domain

Once we have realised this step and the request step correctly, we will be able to recover the password through our email and to enter in the Web. Once inside, we will accede to the section of management of domains where we will be able to reject the recording agent and to eliminate of the technical and administrative contacts the ID's of the people who formerly managed our domains, consequently finished making sure that only we will be able to administer our name of domain.

to reject recording agent

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