Wallapop Compra and Vende products of Second hand from your smartphone

Purchase and Sale of second hand

The occasions are many in which we needed to sell some product that we have at home dead of the laughter and we do not know where nor how to do it, or simply we want to find something interesting to buy of second hand.
For it an alternative that we can find to the typical Web sites of second hand is: Wallapop.
This easy application and intuitive application for mobile phones, allows us to buy and to sell articles with comfort from our Apple devices and android.


How to use wallapop in your Smartphone

This app allows us to on sale put a product in two simple steps: we only must register to us and make a photo of our article to raise it the directory of Wallapop. Later we will tag it in the corresponding category: fashion, sports, games, electronics€¦ etc

One of the most surprising characteristics of this tool is the use of the localizer in the same, so that we can look for articles on sale by geographic proximity, that is to say, can look for example a bicycle, a telephone€¦ that sells it a near person in the map at that precise moment. Of course this characteristic can get to be very useful.

Wallapop has few months of life from its launching, but already it appears as one of the unloaded applications more and with better conversions in the repositorios of android and Apple.
At the moment under my point of view it is the best movable swap-meet of the moment, from which, you can have the excellent opportunity to sell the nearest users what you have in deshuso and who no longer you use.

I hope that this article serves to you as help,
A greeting,
By “scar Carrillo