Strategy of contents SEO for a Blog

Strategy of contents SEO for your Blog

When you begin your race as Blogger or simply you are become fond of in the subject, it is quite common to begin writing suddenly and to the crazy person, without knowing how what very well thematic to follow, what strategy of contents SEO to take, nor by where home, although a thing yes you know clearly and it is that you want to secure to traffic Web through your Blog.
Only that obtains doing the things thus are something of direct traffic, but you will not position great amount of articles, and is almost certainly you will by ricochet have a high index in them, since the user after reading closes the page, when not seeing a direct and visual relation between the contents that is reading and other that already are published.

If the index by ricochet in the pages of publications is high, and in addition to this him extreme that a strategy does not exist SEO as far as titles and labels of headed, is 100% certainly you finish left the project before which you thought for want of results.

I am first that I admit that I committed this error of course and, I will not return it to do, because a posteriori it is much work to reconstruct all the contents, although later we are going to comment possible patches to this problem to improve a little the situation and to be able to arrive at the keys of the success for a Blog

strategy contained SEO

Advice in: marketing of contents and strategy SEO

  • Sketch and strategy:
    Before writing and publishing, feels and thinks to you which is keyword generic that you want to position, and what keywords of long tail will surround to this in other publications
  • Traffic of that keyword:
    We look that traffic has that mainly keyword and its competition, if we do not have professional tools premium to look at these data we can use google adwords and its planner of key words. You do not bet by keywords competed if your domain is new or it does not have authority nor rank to compete.
  • Keywords of long tail:
    Keyword turns out interesting to support to one generic and competed by articles that mark tendency and include keywords of long tail. We can remove to this information through tools as Google suggest, or simply going to the finder and writing €œkeyword + to, or + b€¦ etc.
  • To think about the relation: It will be interesting that posts is related in content and some to others of natural form connect.
  • Labels of headed:
    We think well how to use the labels of headed
  • Execution of the knowledge:
    Finally if you observed and you read slowly this article certainly you caught how to create a good Planning of Marketing of contents and strategy SEO for your Blog, in this previous connection we are going to bloggear a strategy of contents in real time, where you will be able to see as sending to a blog from 0 and its birth and growth in real time in the network.

How to reconstruct the strategy of contents

  • Reinforcing with connections:
    It reviews posts, and it improves the language, the contents and the connections between some publications and others.
  • It modifies titles
    It modifies the titles and labels of headed as it explained previously.
  • Ten imagination:
  • You do not rewrite the same news that you found that way, ten a little imagination and removes your own contents. Perhaps for a blog of technology this if merit can, but for a personal Blog no.

  • Plugin Posts related
    They exist plugins that indicates posts related at the end of the article, thus you diminish the index by ricochet, but really the best thing is to include the link within text and of the context, being used a natural language


You do not write to write, you have to have a good prescription to write an article, and mainly desire, energy and imagination.
Thanks to all to happen to read, I wait for your commentary and participation to you. And if you please liked the article to share it in Social Networks.

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By “scar Carrillo