To educate the Client? Or To educate to us same?

To educate the Client? Or To educate to us same?

The situation arises in many occasions to find with a client of a project Web me that asks for a concrete and specific work, for example: €œI want to adapt my Web to devices smartphone because they have told me that it is good to position itself in Google€, then I come to observe his Web and see that she does not have page titles, h1, nor heads with metadescription and metakeywords, no descriptive text type in home and images without the attribute €œalt€.

Then they appear to me doubts of the type: I explain all the process to Him? I say to Him that in its Web it has more important failures that the movable version? Or simply I shut up and I do the work that is being entrusted to me€¦

to be silent

After valuing the situation I emboldened myself and I decided to explain to him superficially of that the Positioning consists Web, that failures had its Web and what would be the correct form to do this work.
The result was that the client felt crushed with too much information and I was I aim to throw it everything to lose. Minutes later one relaxed and it understood that the movable version of its Web would not be sufficient adjustment, nor would be enough to be above in the SERPS of Google.

This situation made me pose this question to me:
We have to be sincere and to share our knowledge?
To educate the Client or to educate to us same

  • If the usuary one already has a mounted idea you are going away it to disassemble with as much information and can turns saturated.
  • If it had thought to be spent a small budget will see that it is not sufficient
  • Perhaps it thinks that you want to remove more money to him.
  • If you are perhaps good transmitter of knowledge and the person understands it is a potential client who generates more benefits to you
  • To be sincere it is worth the pain? We risked or NO?

in this occasion it came out to me well, but what you create who are due to do in this type of situations? , he is better to shut up itself or he is better to put all the letters on the table. Opinions and critics are accepted.

I hope that this article serves to you as help,
A greeting,
By “scar Carrillo