To solve WordPress 500 Internal Server Error

To solve WordPress 500 Internal Server Error

At certain moments our Web server working on WordPress or another platform fails and he sends the following message to us: 500 Internal Server Error, the causes can be several following which we were doing:
In order to know for sure the cause of this problem we can go to log of the system and investigate, although as a rule we can find out it with more simplicity simply discarding possibilities: If we were raising a file via Web is possible that the error is due to configuration PHP and to its predefined limit of ascent of files, whereas if simply the error happened sailing with normality it is possible that the load of plugins in the servant has brought about the 500 Message Internal in the navigating client.

500 internal server error

The solution to the error 500 Internal Server
For it we will have to modify certain configurations in the Web server:

To deactivate all the plugins

First first of all it will be to deactivate our list of plugins, an excessive load of plugins can be the cause of error 500 while we sailed.

To discard that it is problem of permissions

If the error happened while we tried to raise files via Web the FTP, then before returning to us crazy it is important to verify that the permissions of this directory are correct, or via FTP or SSH.

To increase to the limit of memory in the file php.ini

If after the previous steps the error persists, it is possible that we must direct us to the file php.ini of our servant and increase the limit of memory PHP.
I recommend to change the following parameters of configuration PHP, but first of all they remember to make a backup copy of the file.

To modify the following line:

memory_limit = 64M 

and to put a higher value.

To increase to the limit of memory in the file htaccess

To add to these lines at the end of the code of the file htaccess, if you see something suspicious in him, first of all to clean it or to keep a copy and to create one new one.

php_value upload_max_filesize 10M php_value post_max_size 20M php_value max_execution_time 120

To modify wp-config.conf to increase the memory

It adds or it modifies the following line of the file wp-config.conf:

it defines (€˜WP_MEMORY_LIMIT€™, €˜64M€™);

If after realising all these steps the problem persists is probable that the error has its origin in the data base of WordPress, sometimes some plugins can create toxic entrances in the fields of our you, and the causes also even can be the attempts of hacking to our WP. In that suspicious case which we must do is to deactivate and to desinstalar plugins and to send to a cleaning of the data base of form manual or with some tool or plugin type: Optimize db.

The last option is to read log of the system or in touch to put with its supplier of lodging Web.

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