Prescription to write a good Article in your Blog

Prescription to write a good Article

This is one of prescriptions more looked for by the users who have in their hands a blog with lack of traffic quality Web. To write a good article or post is not nothing simple, it is necessary an energy mixture, enthusiasm and creativity that not always arises.

As we commented in previous articles, it arrives the moment and the necessity to generate quality contents to be able to position a Web in the finders, and therefore If you are Blogger, this one is your moment!


The ingredients for the prescription of a good article are:

  • It writes with feeling
    One of nascent the most common errors of bloggers, is the one to write to write, to copy the news and to rewrite them. In this way something that would have to be creative and enthusiastic gets to transform itself into something monotonous and boring.
    To write must be a pleasure, since the reader can get to feel the bad vibrations that you have while you create your article.
  • It stimulates your inspiration
    It writes when you feel inspired and creative, takes advantage of the moments the day in which you have the cleared mind to think which can be the thematic one of following the post, and to take some notes to write up it later. To create content must be an art and not something routine, not every day to the same hour we can sit down and receive the same amount of divine inspiration. The inspiration arrives when it arrives, is uncontrollable, although partly if that can be educated or be stimulated.
  • Suitable structure
    It respects the organized structure that must have a post, the paragraphs and the images must help a easy reading.
  • Viraliza the publications
    When you have been a time creating contained and sending it in the social networks, it give account to you of what days, hours and that content class is able to explode and to viralizar. We have to know how to create quality content, but also we must know when and where to send it so that it breaks and viralice.
  • The benefit is indirect nondirect
    Many webmasters think that to be to blogger it is to create a post daily oriented to the services that offer and disimuladamente they place a call to you to the action or link towards his page of conversion: product contact or sale.
    Blogger it does not sell directly if not indirectly. The quality contents do not look for to sell, to sell and to sell sometimes€¦ when you loosen to you and you relax arrive more benefits, so they are not obsessed to generate income, because that way they will not sell a spiral. The obsession is not good company.
  • The syntax power
    Surely you will have listened: €œso that google positions to you you must fill up in the page more than 400 words€. If you occur to account the phrase says it everything, to fill up? here one is not to fill up, one is to create and to explain of possible the brief and concise way. Every time the users more are connected in greater number of networks, therefore the number of the news and articles that arrive at their hands is enormous, ending in this way the energy and the desire to read enormous parrafadas badly written up.
  • Natural language
    One is not due to write with insolence nor very complex wordiness, better a natural and correct language, in which all we are understood with normality.
  • You do not play with the reader
    You do not make make hopeles the reader, you do not write 10 straw paragraphs to put the crumb in tenth, in the end the user it will end up lowering to the tenth paragraph, will read what really it interests to him and it will close your Web.
  • The conclusion
    He looks for that the reader interacts, who exists a feedback, that feels identified with the article and that shares it in its social networks.


If you do not have these values and these clear ideas better than you buy professional texts to bloggers that they have the enthusiasm and the suitable energy to do it. On the other hand, if you feel frustrated, but you like and you put persistence you obtain what you look for.
Luck to all, and if they have some new idea that to contribute to the post, will be welcome.

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A greeting,
By “scar Carrillo