It finds a job as Freelance

It finds a job as Freelance

To find a Freelance job as is not a simple aspect, often the factors to consider are many when you work independently, and on them it depends that you can secure a personal stability, professional and economic.
Next we are going to detail serious of advice elaborated under my experience and that will serve to you as help.

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It personalizes the work proposal

In my experience in the hiring of projects to third parties or Freelancers I have been able to observe that when supplies a work in Internet the majority of answers that arrive at your mailbox can be defined as useless, sterile and unproductive, that is to say, they are not worth for anything. They are answers to a certain job offer on the part of people who have not developed a competent strategy to obtain this certain objetivo->trabajo.

At the time of realising a work proposal first that we must do it is to take a time us and to read the details well, later we will create a customized text where we speak of the requirements and more excellent aspects of the project that is supplied to us, next and to finalize we can take our experience as point from solution and development of the letter of presentation of the project. It is very important to begin to write demonstrating that we have read and understood in question concretely the job offer that we have ahead.

€œAn answer automated for each and every one of the job offers that we are not will be used us for absolutely anything.€

It chooses the work well

It selects those projects that are within the frame of abilities that you handle. We can be committed with works that are related to our surroundings of daily tasks, we will have facility to find solutions and to extend the fan of knowledge, but the task does not correspond to this scope we can be with a serious problem that can cost the reputation to you and some that another worry.
The search is important from projects that they attract to us and they motivate to us, will always turn out simpler to put itself to investigate something that directly is related to your interests and abilities.

It looks for projects with the greater possible specification

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In certain occasions they supply or we found a jobs to us in the network of which they do a quite vague and poor description to us. Much eye with this because it will end up giving us to many goings and returns.
A client who knows in detail what needs is most optimal, we can try to approach positions until being all most detailed possible one before jeopardizing to us.

It looks for works that adapt to your budget

In the homes as independent or freelance worker normally begins himself of zero with small projects, until later you reach an optimal reputation to develop other orders. A good approach of the situation would be to try to realise a smaller number of projects but than these more good they are phelp, this has a simple explanation and is that one of the things that more energy burning fire and more time consumes to a freelance one is the relation with its clients, and to greater number of clients, major also is the spent time to maintain the relations and to solve certain conflicts that can arise.

Ten in account your availability

It turns out recommendable to only accept works in which we surely know the period delivery of the same, time and forms. It remembers that you must take care of your prestige to the maximum. He is always preferable to let pass opportunities not to fulfill the fiance. Surely and with a good philosophy you will be able to next find another great amount of opportunities.

With who we worked, who is the client

It is necessary to consider that the person who you contract in 99% of the cases investigates on you: facebook, linkedin or works carried out, therefore we must conduct the same operation to the inverse one. If you see perhaps that the opinions on the business or file of your client are €œcomplicated€ we must go with well-taken care of or letting pass it, in this way we will concentrate in other clients with who it turns out simpler to collaborate.
If we can investigate in them, a very interesting data would be to know the amount works that our client has asked for other people, and the opinions that it has on the matter.

It defines the price according to your strategy

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The budget that you offer depends on several factors, between the aspects most important to initiate this valuation the amount of working hours can be included that have been necessary to create the proposal, that is to say, is necessary to consider how you must calculate the sale price of your services. Other aspects will be the amount of works that you must in tail hoping be realised, to more works you have in greater tail can be the budget that you solicit.
When you begin in this world, this task is complicated and sometimes the price that is requested is very low, thinking that the money that you lose is an investment of publicity to your personal brand (it is not bad strategy to begin, but much is extended€¦).

You do a pursuit and business with professionalism

Sometimes we realised proposals that with time are in the forgetfulness of our clients, always turns out positive to return to them to write to these people and to realise a pursuit, sometimes in the second attempt the luck can be of your side.

You do not take the negotiation as personal, mantente something always professional and respectful. If the price does not work for you, simply it retires your proposal and you do not begin to work until the payment is realised.
The life and the own experience educate to us and it teaches to us, but with patience and the help of another whole it can be much more simple.

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