11 Essential plugins for WordPress

Recently it had terror to WordPress, to his plugins and to the damage that could make to the Developers Web, now few years later I am a fanatic of the CMS and in particular of WordPress (although at first no, later with its evolution to demonstrated to be a CMS in all rule)
The reason of my change is very simple, and is that this platform opens a limitless window to you to the Resources. You have tools for Blogs, Portals, Forums, Store Online€¦ almost you can mount any thing in him.
At first also plugins by problems of overload in the servant had fear to the installation of too many, but later I have realized that if theme WordPress on that you work well is created, you will be able to have installed a greater number of plugins without no kind of problem.
If anybody is not in agreement with me in this point we will be able to discuss it because I have graphs of yield of a same servant with the same number of plugins working in two different facilities of WordPress, each with his theme. And of course the difference note enough.

What has been shelp, now I have plugins in my WordPress until putting a code in €œhead€, I have become super comod³n, and it enchants to me, I must confess that I have let myself take by the fashion.


Recently I sent a list of: The 14 better plugins for WordPress, and after the achieved success I have decided to send:

11 Plugins Essential for WordPress

Plugins Configurations

Plugin that allows to duplicate, to copy, to clone, to realise backup, to move or to transfer your WordPress you to another location. It works of parallel form with files and the data base on which your WordPress is working.

WordPress Importer
If you want to transfer your entrances from a WordPress to another one, this plugin will generate xml to you that later you will be able to matter with extreme facility.

WP Txt Robots
What you are going to tell me: you only install plugin to create or to publish the robots.txt file? Then yes, and now I will explain because.
When you develop or scale models theme often you install wordpress and brands an option that perhaps sounds to you: €œit dissuades to the web search engines that index this site€, well then when brands this happy option is generated a virtual species of €œrobots.txt€ that there is no way to find by no side, and one of the ways to eliminate is unmarking it to the option of Adjustments/reading €œdissuades to the web search engines that index this site€ and installing this plugin so that it generates that robots.txt that of some way will help Google to update the robots.txt that it has in his cache when pass to read this other new one.

When sums a WordPress and you begin to have a considerable number of visits, begin as by art of magic arriving tens to you from commentaries in the post that are Spam, a day you can coexist with this situation and to eliminate them manually, but surely you will finish very burned and you will need to install this plugin that filters the Spam to you and to live in eternal PEACE.

Alexa Claim and Certify
He includes the Alexa code comfortably in the heads of your WordPress

All In One Schema.org Rich Snippets
It creates more and better schema, puts them structures favor much the positioning Web of your entrances.

Plugins Personalisation

Crayon Syntax Highlighter
This tool is simply for putting source code outside as if flat text in your entrances, very useful if these creating a tutorial or something similar.

Visual WPBakery Composer
As much to defend the development manual of the Webs and finally I have fallen in its claws, this called tool Visual Composer allows to maquetar and to develop theme you WordPress of simple and comfortable form. Goodbye to the days and nights itching source code as a donkey so that later nobody values it. Welcome life: Composer line of vision!

WordPress Related Posts
Fantastic and incredible, at the end of each post it gives to a related listing of others posts you with the aim of which the reader clicks in them, continues reading and the percentage does not go away in this way of your Web, falling by ricochet, in addition it allows to form as you want to show related post visually, and to top it all shows to statistics and percentage to you segmented by users: reasons or desktop that clicked in this section. Very good and themes WordPress adapts almost to all the perfectly.

Revolution Slider
They finished to the afternoons itching Jquery code to create a Slider, now with revolution slider you can mount and personalize your slider for WordPress in a matter of minutes.

Wonderful plugin to manage the social networks, creates a box and includes the social networks that you want to associate to your Web, plugin will show the followers to you who you have in real time. I since I have it in use, thanks to its aspect and visibility have increased very many I number of followers and feedback in all the social networks.

I hope that this article serves to you as help,
A greeting,
By “scar Carrillo