Backup WordPress: Backup copies

Backup WordPress Backup copies

Certainly many of you live a little to the limit as far as the computer science security, the configuration of firewalls and the arduous subject of backups or backup copies. It is learned with lessons, and when a day peta everything, you ask yourself: Where he is my last backup.

WordPress is a full CMS of plugins and tools that facilitate much this work, initially backups that I realised were manuals, €œsimple€ script bin bash that it exports the FTP and data base directory from a server to another one, included it in crond, and ready, but in agreement they are spending the years you become comod³n more, and if simple plugin does the work by you then€¦ better that better.

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Where and how to make a Backup

A very common error, is that the users usually do backup of his wordpress in the same servant where this operative Web, by all means this entails an enormous risk, since if the servant falls, you will not be able to accede neither to the Web, nor to backup, and so you will not be able to raise the service of any of the ways. As conclusion then we can affirm: Backup always must be realised in an external servant.

An important note before home with the technical section: in order to recover a copy of WordPress this must contain so much the data base as the files of the directory Web of the FTP.

Plugin WordPress Backup: BackWPup

There are many alternatives, I in this post I expose plugin that I have liked much for 4 reasons:

  • It has a quite complete gratuitous version
  • It allows to realise backup external through connection FTP
  • It allows to program the backup copy, that is to say, it realises cron automatic within the servant
  • It gives the possibility of realising restore fast, simple and effective of all the WordPress

Forming BackupWPup

This it is the menu that appears in the Drashboard de WordPress after the installation of plugin.


In the section Writing-desk we have a basic menu where we can see among others: last backups realised or programmed, the possibility of realising an endorsement of the data base in a single click€¦ etc

writing-desk wpbackwpup

If we go to the section of add job or to add a new job will appear to us this intuitive menu:

add job

Here we will be able to form:

  • General: The files that we want to endorse, the type of exit format, the destiny of backup (FTP, google drive, dropbox€¦ etc), if we chose option FTP, automatically will activate an eyelash to us in this same menu where to form the parameters of connection of the external FTP, to user, pass and directory origin.
  • Programming: Cron with the hours and days where the work will be executed, I advise to program it to one hour in which you have less traffic, since if your server or hosting is lentillo€¦ you can see a slope of quite evident yield, because she executes this compressing the directory with the system commando to tar€¦ etc.
  • Endorsement YOU: the tables within the data base of which we want to have endorsement (I I advise all, unless you have plugin specific that creates its own table and you do not wish to have copy of this.)
  • Files: the files and directories of the space FTP that are wanted to have endorsement

To recover a Backup

The file that keeps this plugin to us is a compressed file that contains all the files and directories and the file .sql of you of WordPress.
In order to recover the steps they are the following:

  • To concern you from phpmyadmin or with the help of this plugin: Adminer
  • To raise to the remaining files the space Web through FTP

If you know some alternative better or different from which I offer you here to you intention to share it or to comment it.
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