The 14 better Plugins for WordPress (Essential)

The 14 better Plugins for WordPress (Essential)

Plugins in WordPress is indispensable and without them clearly we could not manage this platform. In the last wordpress that I come lately managing for the SEO I see a generalized tendency almost install plugins for everything, even between plugins which they repeat the same function, this ends up overloading requests to the data base of wp and generating a retardation in the operation of the Web that does totally unusable as much for the administration as for the navigation of the user.


It is important to manage either plugins that we have installed, for it I include a list of best plugins for wordpress, for ours basic wordpress, that works or and in addition or includes a quite ample circle of action.


  • Google XML Sitemaps
    It generates sitemap to us in XML quite complete, in him we will be able to form the frequency of update of sitemap for different pages, entrances, categories, labels€¦ etc, according to our needs.
  • WP
    Wordpress when loading optimizes the images of ours the page, which diminishes the time of load of the same. In this way we will not have to worry us to reduce the quality of each image that we raise our Web.
  • Optimize Database to after Deleting Revisions
    In many occasions our data base of wordpress has many registries that are not worth for anything, created by rough drafts of entrances and similar things€¦ This plugin does a cleaning to you of Base of data on few seconds.


  • Yoast
    I say that one is best plugin for the management of the SEO within WordPress, likes by his autonomy and easy administration enough.
  • Complete SEO to you
    This plugin allows us to control the SEO of a quite professional form, for certain things that we want to realise€¦ its options allow to major personalisation if we compared it with Yoast, although is less automatic and independent than its competitor.


  • Jetpack
    Jetpack is totally complete plugin that among others things allows us to obtain statistics of visitors to your wp, once connected with your account wordpress will work automatically picking up valuable data and generating good reports that will help you to improve your platform of clearly exponential form.
    To read more on Jetpack
  • Google Analytics for WordPress
    Google simply allows us to associate the code analytics to the heads of all the pages, thus to be able to begin to pick up statistics and to work with the tool of Google c normality from its Web.


  • Lockdown WP Admin
    It hides the directory to us of entrance of login of admin of wordpress /wp-admin, of this form we will avoid not wished attempts of login.
    Here you can find more information on as hiding the /wp-admin of wordpress.
  • Better WP Security
    One is one of plugins more complete for security, includes reports and advice on the global security of your platform (usuary, backups, logins, backdoors, logs€¦ etc), its only problem is the amount of resources that consumes, if we are going to install many plugins as this we need a powerful Web server with fast access S.A. hard disk, a good processor and a high ram. (I do not recommend it for WordPress estandarts, only for professionals).


  • PHP for Code posts
    Php in your entrances and pages allows to insert code in this way, interpreting with total normality this code of programming.
  • Author Image
    It lets add to a photography or image to us to our users, being able to personalize them for being shown in commentaries€¦ etc.
  • WP Hide Post
    It gives the option us of being able to hide to our entrances and pages of wordpress. This way the entrance will be published but he will not be visible. The URL always will be operative with normality.
  • WP Google Plus
    Extra of company to our heads adds the head of the page of google.
  • Duplicate Post
    It allows to clone entrances easily.


Perhaps echeis in lack some plugin for Backups, but as system adiniatrator that I am, I see a silly thing do backup within the same servant who is executing WordPress, since in case of €œpetada total€ everything will go away to us to the fret. I do not like plugins also either that they do backups in S3, dropbox€¦ etc.
In next articles and as pending subject that I have, I will explain how to create scripts for backups between two servers. Thus being able to as much create copy of the data bases, as of the files that are hanging of the directory FTP of the Web which we have published.
Another category that I would like to try separately is plugins for metadata, that I will compile soon in another individual and specific entrance.

I hope that this article serves to you as help,
A greeting,
By “scar Carrillo