How to put image or transformation in WordPress commentaries

How to put image or transformation in the WordPress commentaries

With new Webs 2,0 every time they are plus the users who interact and participate in Blogs, a reason can be the one of being able it a simple link within the commentary to improve the SEO (although this is very debatable), or simply because the article they have liked and perhaps wish to think or to participate in him.
For one or the other reason, the certain thing is that the users are many who habitually write commentaries in other WordPress Blogs, and by all means so that the signature is more customized wish to enclose an image, he photographs or transformation to this commentary.


Perhaps you think that so that appears a photo next to your commentary you must register themselves in the Web, and realise a long process, but no, nothing else far from the reality because the process is rather simpler than all that. As long as we speak of a Blog created in WordPress.

Registry and personalisation of your WordPress profile in Gravatar

Gravatar is a portal that will allow us to associate our account of email to an image, with we will obtain that whenever we sign a commentary or opinion with this email, alongside it appears to us the image of profile which we have selected. That simple.

We begin creating the profile: