What are Twitter Cards and as implementing them in WordPress

What are Twitter cards

Surely and if we are usuary of twitter we have observed as some profiles of users of this social network publish and share a link directly as tweet and the outstanding image of this article leave automatically within the publication and contain in addition the connection that redirige to the post to which reference becomes, this is thanks to the calls to twitter cards.

I put an example to see it to you of more graphical form, if I introduce the link of any post of my blog in twitter

link publication to twitter

And the result of the publication is the following one:

to twitter cards

Therefore we can say that the Twitter Cards or cards of twitter is a format enriched for tweets that allows us to have a preliminary vision of the information of ours tweets with the aim of offering the content of one better form to the users and of a structured and attractive way more, as for example: title, image, summary€¦ author.

The Twitter Cards not only does more attractive tweet, but also that favor branding of the brand that sends tweet since it gives to major visibility him.
So that this is possible and if we used WordPress, we needed to install the calls to twitter cards that what they go to make to generate this functionality is the insertion of the following goals of head in each of ours posts blogs:

to twitter cards

Outstanding image of the post in tweet forming Twitter cards

We went to https://dev.twitter.com/cards and we beat on €œSign in€, logeamos us with our account of twitter.

The first step is to install plugin Jm to twitter cards
Once installed we must add the fields creative, site and type of card among others.
In order to finalize we beat in validating
to twitter cards wordpress plugin

Now in the page of developer of tweet the type of twitter card will ask to us that we have chosen, we selected the same that in the configuration of plugin and we continued
formats to tweeter cards

Later we beat on the eyelash to validate, and added the URL of our webpage. In order to finalize a mail will arrive to us from confirmation and activation.
to validate to twitter cards

For each entrance or publication of our WordPress, now it will appear to us a section where we will be able to add the outstanding image for the letter of twitter.

example to tweeter cards

That simple it is to create and to form tweeter cards in WordPress, and in addition if we wished it we have an alternative that is to create them through plugin Yoast SEO.

In some analytical weeks to twitter it will begin to make your available on twitter cards, in this way we will be able to optimize and to know which have been our shared publications more and with greater CRT. In addition with the help to mailchimp we will be able to generate email with them. I will explain it soon to you€¦

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