Excellent Tool Online to analyze SEO

Tool Online To analyze SEO

In the time that I really take working in SEO me a time has cost to find tools that work well, that is simple and accessible. Here I leave one you of my valuable pearls, although surely there are hundreds of tools better than these, but to be free the truth he is not nothing bad and I value it by far esteem (until she had today not kept awake to anybody this secret).


SmallSeoTools is an excellent tool online to analyze SEO of a webpage, I found it one of those nights that these until so many sailing without knowing very well what you look for.
This application online has very many very interesting functions reason why they do of her one of the complete and gratuitous Webs but that I know.
Here I emphasize some of its basic characteristicses:

  • Plagiarism Checker
    It sticks the text of your post, it looks for and it scans by landlords and references similar to yours, and it warns you of the places that have this content similar or equal to yours and if these in risk of being penalized by plagiarism.
  • Article to rewriter
    Perhaps in reference to the option commented previously on the checkeo of plagiarism, smallseotools rewrites your text to you, in Castilian really does not do it very well, I have not proven it in English, works better.
  • Backlink Checker
    It details with exactitude all the links to us that aim towards the domain which we select, that is to say, all the backlinks incoming.
  • Backlink Maker
    Generator of incoming links, I do not recommend it, because I prefer that the links that aim towards my Web are always of quality and that the thematic one is similar to mine, but each is free to act consequently.
  • Measurer of Page Rank
    Specific page rank that has google on the domain which we are looking for information.
    Really this is the mother of all the functions of SmallSeoTools, is one of the reasons for which this Web I like, from this eyelash we will be able to see the exact position in which keyword is our name of specific domain in one.
    It scans in real time the results of Google, Yahoo and bing and it shows the page to us and the position in which we are at that precise moment, really this facilitates much the task and is quite comfortable.
  • Visitor Hit song Counter
    Accountant of visits of your domain.
  • IP Adress location
    Geolocalizaci³n of the IP of the Web server.
  • Meta tags to analizer
    Analyzer of puts them labels
  • Rest of functionalities
    The rest is based on quite acceptable generic data as the WHOIS, to review IP domain to checker, server Status, what is my IP, broken links€¦ etc

I hope that this article serves to you as help,
A greeting,
By “scar Carrillo