The best tools and applications for Freelance

Applications and tools for Freelance

When you are freelance sometimes turns out complicated to organize itself and to have a control of the hours and the work that you realise, commonly is depended on third parties for the conclusion of some projects, problems as slow payments are had or some routines or habits of work can even be adopted that in the long run will be detrimental causes at the time of having a yield in our business.

It turns out vitally important of life to take to an exhaustive control and the routines that are had because if not sooner or later we will finish out of position, not only can harm in the working environment, if not that in addition can get to complicate other surroundings as the family or other relations.

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If we want to be products and to take advantage of our time to the maximum we can begin to use resources, tools and applications for freelance, with them you will be able to remove the maximum party to the work who we realised daily:

Applications for Reminders and Appointments

Reminders (in iOS)

If you work with Apple and you use all devices sincornizados under the same account of icloud, this will facilitate many to you the things, between some of the advantages that you will obtain will be the one of being able to have synchronous applications in all the devices as for example: App of Reminders.
This app including in iOS allows to maintain a control us of all our reminders or appointments, gives the option us to make lists, to repeat the alarms with the frequency that we want€¦ etc.

Evernote (in Android)

Perfect to organize notes, articles, meetings€¦ etc. audio images can be added a list of tasks, be emphasized certain phrases to measures that you write or be included and. This app has a gratuitous version and another one of payment.
If you want to try the premium version of payment free during an attached month east connects

Applications to share documents

Google Drive

Often we needed to share files with our collaborators perhaps or clients, one of the best forms to do it is with Google drive, we will be able to share and to publish files of synchronous way online and with other users, to assign to important permissions and other many characteristics.


The other king in the sharing of archives in the cloud is dropbox, that allows several Gb of gratuitous storage, in addition works as much for iOs, Android, Mac, Linux or Windows.


App is one that offers a new form to arm your own library of pages, I connect, images, videos, notes etc, that can be public or private. You can reunite to resources and everything what it inspires to you, to keep it a future project or to share it with collaborator to work at the moment.

Applications for Lists of Clients

Mailchimp and Mailjet

Time back we wrote an article on: email marketing mailchimp and mailjet, with them you will be able to create perhaps and to maintain to the day your lists of clients, subscribers€¦ the most interesting etc. is than you can manage these lists and to send email marketing with supplies and services when you wish.

Applications to find places of meetings or other events


Imagine to you that you have a meeting with important client and it does not know where to take it or simply needs to share office with other professionals, because in these Webs it is what you need.
Here I show an example to them of Coworking.

Applications for Publications in Social Networks

social networks


Postcron is an application Online that simultaneously allows the automatic publication in several social networks, you will be able to manage several accounts and to publish how, when and where it desires to you, it only programs your publications or articles and feels to you to enjoy.


Application Web and mobile that it has as main objective to remove a divided major to all accounts from social networks. You will be able to program your publications, to segment them as you wish and to take metric from the impact and the activity of the users in them. Very useful as much for the management of multi accounts of a business as for the management of networks and means of an agency of digital or freelance marketing with several clients.

Law of Entrepreneurs

All the laws and norms that you need to know to work as freelance, from the Statute of the Independent Work. Visualize it here.

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