You do not waste your time with false Clients

You do not waste your Time with false Clients

Doubtless, one of the most valuable things for a Freelance one is its time, some articles back we spoke envelope how it must organize his time a freelance one, although now will be rather more concrete and will treat something more specific: You do not waste your time with false Clients

If something is necessary to know clearly is that the time and the energy it is most valuable in the life of a Freelance one, starting off of that base and knowing the limitations that we have, is had to try to have a quite exhaustive organization than it is realised, since the majority of Freelance does not have to an administrative or a secretariat to their reach, if not that is they themselves those who deal with your a your with their new and old clients.

One of the things that null and void when it is being concentrated working within the stipulated schedule are that they interrupt you to budget something that never will finish in invoice.
Many are the occasions that we were concentrates in some project very, but a form of contact or a call interrupts to us: €œhello I am Fulanito, I call because I so need a webpage on and what, I would like that you did a budget to me for today if she can be, I am in a hurry€. Up to here all perfect one, we even thought: What good! a new contact! , and we left everything what we were making to take care of this user, but have to have much well-taken care of because without realizing we are letting of side our programmed task to take care of this person, something that in fact we would not have to never do without valuing previously if a False Client, that is to say, an individual is that she does not know clearly what wants, and that by all means it will make us even lose our valuable time or the complete day.

to waste the time

Nobody is fortune teller, nor knows the future, therefore the only thing that we can do in these cases is to activate our Firewall anti False Clients, in this way although in certain occasions us can fail the rough estimate, in many others certainly makes us save a valuable time.

Rules for Filtro anti False Clients

  • Personal data: A false client always never reveals his personal data, if she does not offer his name to you, email, webpage€¦ will be complicated that in the future if they do it, therefore is a user whom it only looks for to entertain themselves or to solve his existential doubts.
  • Social Google and Redes: Like the clients look for information on the worker, the Freelance one must look for information on its client in google and social networks, it is necessary to try to know if it has movements in which demand, other contracted Webs, other projects, reviews and opinions of its clients€¦ etc. All reference that says it has moved in these €œworlds€ and that first taking of contact is not his will be positive.
  • Impatient: A false client as a rule is impatient, usually asks estimated to you for today, at the same time sites has done the same in 20 Webs more than they offer the same service, therefore it is only going to compare the prices and it has to remain with economic without knowledge than it contains, later will return to speak plagues of the other programmer: €œthey nailed 200 Euros to me by a Web that is not worth for anything€, and your him you will be able to answer: clear gentleman! , he is that a Web is worth much more of 200 Euros, you know that you are what bought. Conclusion: Loss of total time.
  • You know what you want? If the client does not know either what wants or you can distrust, is rare that somebody ends up buying a product with a considerable price without knowing previously or what is. If they solicit to you detailed budget without knowing in these conditions possibly finishes being more of the same.
  • They look for to realise a test free: Here we have another one of the basic characteristicses to consider, users who want to realise a gratuitous test to make sure that the product works. If from the home it is not arranged to be spent the money surely never will do it.
  • Give a presentation me of your product: The majority of these proposals is competition that are chafardeando what beams and how it beams, or are companies that look for a proposal to be it their suppliers and to improve the conditions, be that as it may: Loss of time.
  • Indecision: Finally the indecision, users who do not know to say that no, and respond with €œperhaps€, that is still but that €œNOT€.

Answers to Filtro anti false Clients

  • If it passes the filter and supposedly she is not a False Client: Detailed budget, obvious this person seems normal, we will work a budget that is worth the trouble
  • It does not pass the filter: Something does not square here, this user is suspicious, therefore we will briefly answer with the letter of prices est¡ndart to him accompanied by the Link the Faqs to solve his doubts.

In the times that run it is important as rapidly as possible to develop a sense of smell for those clients who make you waste the time. Perhaps or you have identified some criteria described here or you even own some additional one that have not been commented in this article, therefore I invite to you to comment it and to share it with us.

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By “scar Carrillo