Heat maps Web, improve the yield and the conversion of your site

How to improve your Web thanks to the heat Maps

To meet how one behaves the user when arriving at our webpage turns out vitally important to decipher what elements and sections are the most attractive within the design Web, which of these elements are of smaller importance and what zones are those that receive major attention on the part of the user. In order to find out all these parameters, the heat map or heatmap is one of the more useful and effective techniques of analytical Web. Thanks to this analysis and monitoring of the website we will be able to know how to work and to optimize our Web with the aim of improving the user experience and increasing the percentage of conversions in her.

heat map Web

What is a heat map?

The heat maps are applications with a representation based on the thermography that allows us to recognize the hot spots in our site. These hot spots represented by a color code are the zones to which the user directs his attention. The actions that are evaluated within the heat map are: where click becomes, through where it passes the mouse and where scroll becomes.

The color code used in a heat map not only shows those zones that receive major attention and interaction on the part of the user, but also those in which any action is not being realised. The colors that identify this interaction go from the red one, orange and yellow, however for the zones in which more attention is lent, bluish and greenish tones are used.

The heat maps are based on the technique of eye-tracking, a technology is used to monitor the behaviors in the vision of the users with the aim of trying to detect what is what it draws attention to him and towards where goes this. As for us it is impossible to identify what is what our user looks, we used as parameter the position and the movements of the mouse. It is possible to emphasize that it is verified that the movement of the cursor directly is related to the zone in which we centered the vision.

We must consider that so that heatmaps is totally functional needs to count on a considerable volume of visits in our page. If the volume of traffic Web is under we will observe very small samples and therefore, the collected data will be little conclusive.

Main functionalities of the heat maps

Some of the main characteristics that offer the heat maps to us are:

  • To locate to leannesses or weakness in the design Web: once realised the analysis with the heat map this it will show the zones to us in which the cursor spends more time in a determined zone of the page. If it is that in this zone any important element does not exist, it would be necessary to take advantage of it and to use it to try to secure to some objective or important action thanks to her.
  • To analyze the interface: if the user does not click where he would have to do it or does not direct his attention towards those elements that we considered our Web important not is being absolutely functional. With the heat map we will be able to analyze these aspects to determine if the elements that we have integrated in our design act as that we have assigned to him. An example could be the connections in which click can be done, if these well are not differentiated the user does not see them and therefore, will not click in them.

    heat map

  • To locate publicity: with the heat map in addition to knowing in what zone is better to locate for example to banner advertising, we will be able to observe until where scroll arrives the user doing and if the announcement is visible for him or no. If it is that the user does not arrive at the depth in which is our element, we can relocate it and do it again functional.
  • To locate images and text: to know towards where it looks the user will allow us to know the zone in that we want to locate the images and texts to emphasize.

Types of heat maps

Since we have commented before we can differentiate 3 types from heat maps:

Heat map by click or Heatmap Click:

As its name indicates this heat map identifies those areas in which a click becomes. The information appears of simple and concise way: there where one becomes or more click brand with a red color or orange.

He is interesting to observe kindly where these actions are realised, if a zone exists in which it lies down to click and any element in her does not exist as a connection, to banner, or called to the action, then we are failing to take advantage of it. Through heatmap we could also observe if titles are clican or words that seems they have a link but that in fact they are not it, in these cases he would be advisable to show these elements of a clearer way for the user.

click heatmap

Heat map by movement of mouse or Mouse movement heatmap:

In this map the zones are identified by which the user moves the cursor. One is due to consider that mouse can realise trajectories that not necessarily they have to do with the content of our Web. This is due to consider at the moment that we analyzed our results.

The most important functionality of this type of heat map is the registry of activity of the user and the way in which this it sails by our website, which turns out to be a determining factor at the time of evaluating the conversion way.

mouse to over heatmap

Map of displacement or Scroll Map

This map Web shows us until where scroll arrives the user doing, if the depth is little could mean that usuary Lee until half of our Web and march due to a confused navigation or to a little excellent content. In that case, we could choose to determine if our content is being absolutely excellent and to even value to locate important graphical elements until where the view arrives from the user to stimulate the one that continues doing scroll. The most superficial areas are identified with red and green color, whereas deepest they are determined with blue color.

scroll heatmap

Tools available

They exist infinity of options at the time of choosing heat maps Web, exist gratuitous and of payment. In this case we will concentrate in the tools that count on plugin for WordPress.

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is conceited in its page to be €œas a pair of X-ray glasses to see exactly what people within your website do€. We could say that she is one of the known tools of payment more, counts on a gratuitous test of all plans by a period of 30 days. The prices go from 9$ to the month for the reading of 10,000 visitors and 10 active pages, to plans in which it offers 100,000 visits in 50 active pages and information of schedule by 49$ to the month.

In addition they offer a fourth heat map to us: the one of confetti, this map segments and filters by terms of searches and pages to us of reference, as it can be backlink, a publication in social network or organic traffic. Very interesting, truth.

crazyegg confetti map

Hotspots Analytics

Hotspots is defined as plugin more powerful to make maps of heat in WordPress. In addition to including the heat maps it offers a graph to us of the activity and the behavior of the user in different models from screen responsive, Tablet, PC or smartphone.

Another one of the interesting functionalities of Crazyegg is that it offers a heat map for each page of the site, this way we obtain the detail of the behavior of the users in each of them.

hotspot mapacalor capture


ClickTale appears us as a professional tool of payment for the analysis of the landlords of conduct of the users who enter to our Web. Not only Integra functions as the design of heat maps, in addition offers the analysis of forms and the individualized recording of behavior.

In their heat maps the data appear segmented with much more detailed information. Its approach and philosophy are the one to favor the conversion to the maximum, for that reason they offer the visualization of the zones in which elements can be put to increase the minting.

In order to obtain this tool demo is necessary to ask for one from its webpage.

clicktale mapacalor capture


Extreme it is a multi-tool that includes from the social networks to the analytical Web. Its main objective is the pick up of subscribers, but also it is in charge to design heat maps to observe the activity of the users.

As interesting functionality we could emphasize feedback in real time to observe the last clicks of the users.

Its gratuitous plan includes the limited monthly visits, a website and all the applications (including the heat maps) among others functionalities. It includes different payment plans with other characteristics more outposts.

extreme capture

Google Analytics

Although what Google Analytics does is not exactly a heat map, we included it between these tools by a functionality in particular: the analytical one of page, in which it analyzes the amount of click that receives each button or connection that is in the Web.

She is gratuitous and in addition it offers other utilities to you that can be of utility to analyze your webpage and to do it more functional and attractive for the users.

In order to be able to create this map of click it is necessary to activate the option €œTo use the improved attribution of connection€, to do follows it these simple steps:

  • Superior of Google Analytics accedes to the Administrator in the part.
  • It accedes to the property for that you want to use the improved attribution of connection and you click in the eyelash of Configuration of the property.
  • In the Analytical section of page, it selects the option €œTo use improved attribution of connection€.
  • It beats To apply.
  • You can choose the inserted view or the complete view, in the inserted one you will see the connection in a new eyelash and, in the complete one, you will see it on the interface of Analytics.

    inpage analytics

    Then Which is the best tool?

    It turns out very complicated to describe one as these tools as the best one, each application contains some characteristic certain that can help us to measure the behavior of the users in our interface. A combination of two utilities could be the ideal, following what aspect we want to analyze, in addition by all means to consider how to design the Home Page of our Web, the most important part of all. The secured data of our analysis will be vitally important mainly if we by ricochet cross them with other metric data and of analytical Web as the rate, sources of the traffic, flow of the visits, etc.

    As a result of this exhaustive analysis we will be able to say that we know retail the profile our user and therefore, we know what to offer to him and how to do it of an attractive and functional way.

    You know some other tool heat map Web that you want to add to this listing?

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