It learns Search in Google with more Precision

Amenudo we joined Google with the aim of finding something but we did not obtain what we were looking for or simply too much work costs to us.
For that reason I present some to you of the functions that Google incorporates in its web search engine and that many of the users do not know, with this we will be able to have much more precision in our searches.

  • Search within site
    In order search a word within a concrete webpage we will write:
    (we looked for within the word: SEO).
  • Search by filetype
    Search files with a concrete extension.
    (search of files pdf with name SEO).
  • Search by links
    Search of links that aim towards site concrete
    (search of files links that aims at
  • To exclude terms
    Search with exclusion, including the character (-) in front of a word to exclude all the results that include that word.
    (design search Web, excluding the words €œlies down€ and €œonline€).
    to exclude
  • Search with quotation marks
    With this function we can write our words in inverted commas search, obtaining that google interprets that a literary appointment or a song is.
    (search of canci³nque includes the phrase: €œhere there is no beach€).
    quotation marks
  • Search with jokers
    Function that allows the use an asterisk (*) in a consultation, its purpose is to use it as marker of position for any term joker or stranger. Alternating it with the use of quotation marks search variations of that exact phrase or to remember words in the middle of a phrase.
  • Search with intervals
    We can look for by specific intervals.
    (design search Web between 300 and 400 uros)
  • Function OR
    If you wish to find pages that include at least one of several key words.
    (design search Web that contains results with €œgood€ or €œbad€).
  • Search of similar Webs
    Function that allows search URL similar in contents to the one of referecia.
    (search of Webs similar to
  • Search of definitions
    Search definitions of terms.
    (search of the positioning definition Web).
    it defines 

If you need more information on finders, here you can find a compilation of Alternative Finders to Google.

I hope that this article serves to you as help,
A greeting,
By “scar Carrillo