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Price Design Web

To budget or to invoice to a design or development Web can be complicated sometimes. Commonly clients arrive to us who inquire or who contract a Project and they comment to you that there is another company that has prices economic than you, but really do not know the differences between: design, development, sole, images with author rights, PHP, HTML, static or dynamic webpage€¦ etc.


First step: To inform

The first step by all means is to inform to the user, in this way we will secure to a respect and a more exact valuation of our work. Often we will feel as robots repeating and explaining time and time again the same, but we have to accept that it is part of our work, and that we must do it of the best possible way and if it can be with a nice face and a language that our client understands. There also he can help us to have a made section of FAQS or in our Web, to direct the consultations of this type, although I recommend to explain it by telephone or in person if you want that they end up contracting to you and not another one, that she is that makes a shoddy work of Web by a price of 150 Euros.

As personal advice I tell you that there is to differentiate the work from those people and yours, but never is necessary to speak badly of the work of others, that is quite ugly, better we will concentrate in emphasizing our strength.

How to explain that the good thing is pleased more expensive

, Price Design Web
Before the stranger, our tendency by nature is to be distrusted, then, this is what happens when a client well is not informed on our work. What points we must explain at the time of communicating with a user/client interested in the creation of a Web:

  • Difference between Designs:
    We can inform to him that done Designs and pre-established designs exist to size or as gratuitous groups or resources, and that logically the price between a thing and the other is very different.
  • Development Web:
    If the Web requires of a development in PHP, applications and other factors€¦ the work is much greater than if HTML is only source code.
  • Difference between static and dynamic Web, CMS€¦ etc.
    Here we can explain the tendencies in WordPress, Drupal€¦ and how they work (its panel of administration and the facility to realise any change in her). Later we will explain the difference between developing theme wordpress bought or to develop one from zero.
  • Images and rights of author
    Nowadays the images mark the difference, and a Web with bought images the very many desire.
  • Optimization SEO:
    He is not the same to give to a Project without optimization SEO that with her, the structure of directories, the name of the URL, the organization of internal Links, the correct use of H1 labels, h2 and titles in the code€¦ etc
  • Texts:
    Much difference exists while the client facilitates texts to us or to make them we ourself.

Once we have explained him to our user/client these appreciations, the same will realize difference and work that has creating a webpage, between some projects and others. Now it will know better than it is what wants, avoiding misfortunes when to see a budget or of the delivery and publication of the Web.
You want something good? Then the good thing is pleased more expensive, to a Web this logically does not cost 250Euros, avoids misfortunes yet and if you want something powerful sensitises to you that you must spend to you rather more, like when we want smartphone, tablet, computer or any device of last technology.

I hope that this article serves to you as help,
A greeting,
By “scar Carrillo