Redesign Web and its main aspects

Sometimes the user or client when he requests a Redesign Web, usually talks about to a change in the styles and Css, but naturally To redesign a Web must include a much more meticulous vision of the situation. In this mini guide we will show as they are the aspects to consider to create a Redesign later Web that really marks the difference between before and.

redesign Web


The First Stage and that will mark the difference, will be the stage of the analysis, a good analyst first that it must raise is if the Web really needs a redesign or a complete renovation, the client by all means always will try that it is a redesign by the subject of the price, but we must be truly professional and to raise well the situation thinking about the final result, if the redesign will finish being a shoddy work is better not to do it, our reputation and the one of the client, is first.
How to value this aspect:

it needs a redesign or a complete renovation? It is possible to be useful what there is?
. Source code version of the HTML and the CSS
. Movable version or Responsive design.
. One is a Static Web or Dynamic, if she is dynamic will condition a little to us in the decision, since if she is a Web with an out of phase Control Panel, a design of 90 years€¦ I personally always think that here there is much no to value, the decision is simple.


Who decides the change? the client or we?
Obvious the final decision is of the client, but under our responsibility and professionalism he is to act correctly and to inform into which is the true situation. If the budget created for our client does not reach after a complete renovation, we are not either going to him €œto encasquetar€ a Redesign of the style sheet and to receive, that is what many do so with taking off the case of means. personally this attitude seems to me an abuse, the best thing is to work of professional form because: €œBread for today, hunger for morning€.

How to redesign a Web

The points or mini-guide to consider for a Redesign of Webpage are:

  • Summary of the text and optimization of the same:
    She was parrafadas that repeats key words time and time again, the illegible texts no longer serve neither for the user nor for the finder.
  • Place in which they appear the supplied services:
    Place of the contact and marketing of contents. We will study the position and positioning of the elements, since if the client wants to renew the Web is because something does not work.
  • Optimization of the code:
    To remove the styles outside if they are inside, and to reorganize a little the source code.
  • Structure of internal Links:
    We will see where it is each thing, it is worth the trouble that is located in the menu? , or better in a lateral one, what must have in footer?
  • Optimization of images:
    To buy attractive and original images, to optimize its weight, this are a detail that visually wins enough and of very simple form.
  • The aesthetic one:
    Change design and of styles in the menu, backgrounds, sources, transparencies€¦ etc
  • The message that is wanted to transmit:
    Very important it is the way in which it is wanted to transmit a message, to be on familiar terms or to speak of you, the words that we use and how we do it. Sometimes certain expressions do not work and is better to modify them. In order to have a reference we can study a little to the competition and see how they do it, but not copy.
  • The user experience
    The another most important aspect is to improve the experience of user at the time of realising a redesign Web, trying if the user feels lost or frustrated.

Really, a good redesign requires something more than to change the styles and the appearance with 4 visually attractive things, if some point is happened to you more, you do not doubt in commenting it and we will add it to this article.
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