How to create Subject Child son theme for WordPress

Subject Child son theme for WordPress

In agreement we are taking experience in the use, the handling and the development Web of WordPress is opened the doors to us of this so advanced CMS. If we are deepening and every time we understand plus its structure, the logical thing is that we modify to our taste great amount of group files, functions€¦ etc.
The only problem of all this is that before an update of theme we can lose all the realised changes, and therefore the group would return to its state of origin.

The solution to all this is quite simple, and happens to create child theme or subject son, that it will allow us to concern and to use the styles of the subject father, in addition to adding the files copied of the subject father to the son to be adapting them and modifying them to our taste until personalizing WordPress 100% to the necessity of the project Web that we have ahead.

The advantages to create a Child theme are several:

  • We can concern the style sheet of the subject father with @import
  • If we always modified for example header.php we will have a copy of original in the subject the father and the file modified in the subject son
  • The priority of load in WordPress is the one of the subject son, reason why the done modifications reason why the modifications in functions and others will always have priority.
  • The appearance of ours theme modified will not be affected in updates.
  • We will not have problems with the author rights.

How to create a subject son or child theme

In the directory of subjects WordPress /wp-content/themes we created the corresponding directory for ours child theme. In this case the active subject is called €œwave-€ and the subject son we are going it to call €œhijo_de_wave€.

subject son wordpress

In the directory of child theme we created the file style.css with the following content:

   Theme Yam: hijo_de_wave
   Theme URI: http://laweb of theme papi
   Version: 1
   Description: Child Theme. Parent Theme Wave WordPress
   Author: Its author
   Author URI:
   Warm up to you: Wave * @import URL (€œ. /wave-/style.css€);

Now it is only called on to go to the Panel of WordPress administration >Apariencia>Temas and to activate the subject son who we finished creating:

child theme WordPress

Plugin to create subject son in WordPress

plugin child theme

If the programming and to publish files is not one of your forts you have a great alternative to create child theme in WordPress through simple plugin One call Child Click theme.

To consider to work on ours child theme

  • The style sheet style.css of the subject son annuls to the one of the subject father, for that reason we must concern it as we indicated previously.
  • Each file php of the subject son will replace the same file php of the subject father.
  • The file functions.php load different from the file style.css, that is to say does not annul functions.php of the father, if not who first load functions.php of the son and soon the one of the father.

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