8 rules to send to a Web Multi Language

Which is the best way to make the things at the time of creating a Web multi language? , the 8 basic aspects that there are to consider are:
Web multi language

  • 1. Not to use the automatic translators.
    A thing is clear, if you are going to translate your Web that is to do it well, if no, the best thing is not to do it. The use of automatic translators assumes bad image by all means, since the language that is not fluid, and if the user wanted to use the use of automatic translators, either he would do the same from google translator or another similar tool.
  • 2. What we want to translate?
    Something essential, is to identify which is the content of the Web that we want to translate, we must think if truly we needed to translate everything, and if later we are going to be able to maintain updated it. The ideal, by all means, is to translate everything. But it is necessary to be realistic.
  • 3. Duplicated texts.
    When you translate, many fields and texts that do not have translation as for example directions or other elements are duplicates, he is something complex, and that we must avoid in the measurement that can.
  • 4. Good experience of user within a language.
    For a user who sails in a Web multi language can be annoying observing within a same page elements with several languages, the logical thing is that if you are within a language, you sail independently to the rest of them.
  • 5. It creates a correct structure of directories.
    To avoid the use of parameters as: idioma=EN. The certain thing is that the finders although every day improve more, at the moment costs to them to index content with certain parameters.
    It is very important to create a good structure of directories so that Google correctly understands your Web and the year to its index in the best possible conditions.
  • 6. Code clean Web.
    A code clean Web facilitates much the things at the time of creating a good translation so that a posteriori he is simpler incorporating new languages, or to modify the design of the Web without having no ballast that can condition to us in the future.
  • 7. It thinks about the language that you are using.
    When you are creating a translation you must think about the language in which these working. Just like in Castilian you used a strategy for keywords, URLs, descriptions, put labels now€¦ will be due to work in the same way in English, or the language who corresponds. Also the goal is due to modify correctly label of head of the document that indicates the language of the page.
  • 8. Not only it is search equivalent words.
    The visitors to your Web who come from outside, completely see a page in their native language, reason why obvious they will think that the post office or the answers to their questions will be taken care of in groins, French€¦ or what it corresponds. Also we must consider the adjustments of aspects as the collection of data, for example the national identity document, or the postal code€¦ etc. (since for them it is different)
    To translate a Web goes further on that to change a series of words by others.

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