To identify Source through an Image

To identify Source through an Image

If by some question we needed to modify the text inserted within an image and we do not have editable the Psd file, unless we have very good eye is probable that we are going to waste time looking for enough which is the type of used source.
In order to facilitate this task we have to our serious disposition of tools online one to help us to find out the type of source used within an image.

1. WhatTheFont


WhatTheFont is a tool online that allows us to extract the source from an image. The operation is simple, once within the tool we raised the image of that we want to extract the text, will ask us what letter is each of them and next it will show the sources to us that we looked for, or most similar to the one of origin.

WhatTheFont is one of the best ones in its land, and perhaps we can say that it is used, although exist other alternatives as we can see next.

2. WhatFontis


WhatFontis is similar to the previous one, with the difference of which it offers the possibility to you of publishing the image online, thanks to a quite complete publisher.

3. Bowfin Printworks

to identify source

If the previous methods did not work, we presented Bowfin Printworks, is a form online through what you will obtain the help necessary to identify the type of source that you are looking for.

3. Typophile

indetificaci³n of sources

If not yet you have identified your source, you have a last resort here to do it, is a forum specialized in design, here with total security they will be able to help you with the task.

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