Alternatives to Google Analytics

Alternatives to Google Analytics

I take to time looking for a serious and gratuitous alternative google analytics with which to be able to monitor my traffic Web in real time from my own servant.
This alternative is denominated: Piwik, and is a powerful tool of Traffic analysis, and the best thing of everything is than it is Open Source.

Piwik Releasing the Analysis Web

alternative to google analytics

Alternatives to google analytics:
Piwik is a gratuitous open source that we can install in our servant, with this tool no longer we will depend on Google to the 100%, we are not forced to provide all our dates to them, since they do not facilitate many data to us.
The installation of Piwik in a servant is very simple:
You only must create a data base destined to the use of the tool.
Next it has to raise to the directory €œpiwik€ unloaded of the official Web of the product the folder httpdocs of its servant, and to enter in
In some simple steps you will have it installed and working.
The last step is to form within the application so many names of domain to analyze as you wish.

Characteristics of Piwik:

  • He is gratuitous, is trustworthy because it directly picks up statistics from our servant
  • In real time:
    The main characteristic is that when being installed directly in the servant, Piwik shows statistics, reports and data to us in real time.
  • Visitors:
    Detailed Vista of the flow of visitors, time, seen pages, technology, S.O, navigator, geolocalizaci³n€¦ etc
  • Action:
    Pages of entrance, exit, index of bounces, time of stay€¦ etc
  • References:
    Key words and web search engines, websites and campaigns.
  • Objectives:
    Customized configuration of objectives of analysis within the Web.
  • Movable account with app as much for ios as for android.

If these interested, you have another excellent designed tool here to work with the statistics and results obtained from the analytical one and information SEO: Smallseotools.

I hope that this article serves to you as help,
A greeting,
By “scar Carrillo