9 Advice to improve the SEO of my webpage

To improve the SEO

To day of today the number of visits is vitally important for any website that receives, we fought to increase to the traffic and the quality of the same, and really to improve the SEO of our webpage.
If we have the luck to have a traffic quality Web that comes as much from the results search organic as of the direct entrances, we will be able to say that we have certain quality of life in ours site, the balance of both things will make us only not depend on the users who know our URL and enter directly, or those that click from links in social networks, banners, publicity€¦ etc.

to improve the SEO

Basic aspects To improve the SEO

  • 1. To be Indexed correctly
    The main thing, is to be in the index of the finders, to verify it accedes in the finder and it introduces the function €œsite: nombredetudominio.com€, will give back the pages to us of our site that google has in its index. If we do it in another finder we will obtain more from the same.
    In order to solucinar any kind of problem in this aspect, we can review our robots.txt file so that everything is correct, as for example if this aiming correctly at sitemap.xml, and if this is well-defined.
    In order to update, re-to index or to inform into some newness we can ask for the tracking of a page to google in: ask google to crawl to page or site.
  • 2. Control of Errors 404
    We must try to reduce to the minimum this type of navigation errors, and if the case occurs, the best thing is to be preparations and to personalize the page of error 404 with some text message and a visually attractive content, in addition we must present alternatives and new options to the user who is sailing in our Web.

    plugin error 404
    If trabajais with WordPress I recommend plugin to you call Custom 404 with which we can personalize the error page and lead back to the user in perfect conditions.

  • 3. To diminish the load of our Web
    The finders value much at the time of forming their ranking the speed of load of the page, while lighter she is this, greater index of success probability we will have.
    For it I recommend this article to you: To reduce the speed of load of our webpage
  • 4. Responsive design
    One of the things that are valued more nowadays, is that the design of the Web is responsive adaptable to all type of devices. Better by all means a design responsive that a parallel movable subject.
    If to our Web him a design cannot be adapted Web responsive, and the only alternative is a movable subject that it works in parallel, I recommend this article to you Redirection htacces for version Movable Web.
  • 5. With WWW or without WWW
    Decide you by one of the options, with www or without them, assure to you always redirigir towards the same, as much from external liaisons, as internal and in the routes of images. .etc.
    This parameter we must form it correctly in:

    Webmaster Tools

    configuration to webmaster tools

    Panel of management of the servant (plesk, cpanel€¦)

    www configuration domain

    File .htaccess

  • 6. Subdominios
    It tries to organize the structure in directories organized and not in subdomains.
    The use of subdomains must be exclusive for cases in that the contents are very different and require to be divided of a clearer form.
  • 7. Key words and content
    We will analyze the key words that interest through tools as adwords and similars to us, and will add them with naturalness and without excessive repetitions to texts and contents of our webpage.
    It defines the titles well and it puts descriptions, in the number of characters that are stipulated. In this section we can have problems to index if:
    - We duplicated to goal labels.
    - We duplicated to contents of other pages of the same site.
    - We duplicated contents of other Webs.
  • 8. Images
    Alternative to be found, could to be through search of images, so it is necessary to construct a syntax in the name of the images correct that is related correctly to the content of the page to which it corresponds, in addition to labeling them with the attribute €œalt€.
  • 8. Correct use of the labels of headed HTML
    It is important to have an agreement in the labels of headed HTML of our site, for it and more at great length I recommend this article to you Use of labels HTML h1, h2, h3

Conclusions of the optimization SEO

To optimize the SEO of a Web is a task that needs to consider tens of aspects, for it this basic guide defines some to us of them, but other many leave from the methodical observation of the continuous growth of a Web.
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