Compilation of alternatives to the publicity Google Adsense

Compilation of alternatives to the publicity Google Adsense

Without doubt all we know that Google Adsense is the publicity platform Web greater than exists, although can also say of her that it counts on a policy that sometimes is somewhat rigorous and filled with requirements, sometimes can even get to disqualify your account without apparent reason. By this and other reasons turn out advisable to shuffle and to know other possibilities and alternatives Google Adsense with which to be able to get to obtain a yield and direct benefits with the traffic that is generating our blog and our contents.
A world exists everything to discover beyond the publicity of Google Adsense with options and different and completely even complementary functionalities.

Whatever your idea and profitable model of business online I am sure that this compilation of tools and portals will be to you helpful.

5 Alternatives to the Publicity Google Adsense

    Propellards is an excellent alternative to Google Adsense that in addition can be used jointly and is compatible with this platform. One is based on a varied inventory of announcements and with possibility of being formed to be in equipment desktop and movable devices through format MGP-under and announcements onclick.

    This platform does not pay exactly by click if not by packs of 1000 generated impressions, in addition it offers other alternative formats to the CPM, as for example CPA, CPC or CPI and CPS. Interesting, truth?



    Hotwords is a company that facilitates the possibility to us of working on the basis of the contextual publicity, this operative one in Castilian and Portuguese language.
    Hotwords covers a scope very different from the one of Adsense, reason why both can work together within the same Web. The form to publicize announcements of Hotwords in your Web is the following one, they will facilitate links to you that you must put within some key words that are including within your articles.
    The links are predicted therefore to introduce themselves within texts, and not only in images as it offers Adsense, this is the first great difference.
    Most positive of this platform he is that they pay through Paypal, being in this way quite comfortable. Although logically they pay rather less by click than Google€¦
    Another characteristic of Hotwords is the possibility of subscribing you to its program of affiliation with which you can obtain benefits through different routes.



    Adjal is a Spanish company with a philosophy and operation completely different from previously mentioned, Adjal is based on a payment by conversion, that is to say, the announcements that you put in your Web will be compensated as long as the user that followed that connection ends up realising the purchase. If this condition is fulfilled will gain a percentage of the realised sale, that usually is in some cases a good slice, but considers that the percentage of success is really quite little€¦ not if it is worth the trouble to us that the user goes away to us of our Web because of a publicity that does not generate a fixed benefit to us.


    amazon affiliate
    The program of Affiliation of Amazon is a perfect alternative to Google Adsense for which income simply wish another form different from the conventional one.

    The system of income as you will be able to see in the page for publishers of the affiliation program is quite simple and the gain is based based on sold products (sent or unloaded) that is generated in the platform of Amazon thanks to your traffic. Therefore, in this scene the announcements of amazon must be forms in a blog or site in which to the users and readers who visit this content really are interested in this product to which you want to redirect them.


    bing ads
    Yahoo Bing is a network of publicity based on contextual announcements and is perhaps the perfect alternative to the system of publicity of Google, is intuitive, simple and easy to use. The application offers many alternatives and one of its better aspects is than it highly offers excellent announcements that improve the experience of the user and diminish the disorder of the announcement.

    Another aspect to emphasize of Yahoo Bing Ads is the functionality that allows the possibility us of modifying the visual style of the announcement (it forms, color and size) of each block of announcements with the aim of giving him to a visual aspect uniform with the rest of the Web where this announcement appears and prints.

Conclusion on the implementation of a system of publicity in your Blog

If your blog begins and not yet it has sufficient traffic values at the moment not to implement no system of announcements in your Web. We need to be true and constant generators of contents of sufficient quality as obtaining a yield of this system.

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