Gu­a de Marketing of nascent contents for CAP 1

Gu­a de Marketing de Contenidos Cap.1

As we already spoke in posts previous the Marketing of contents has become one of the pillars to work the SEO, and is one of the characteristics that at present Google is valuing more at the time of giving visibility and positioning a Web.
If we spoke of very general form on the SEO, we could say that it is divided in:

  • Technical SEO: optimization of the source code and the parameters and the configuration of the Web server
  • SEO of contents: optimization and inclusion of contents of quality in ours site Web, in addition to a correct organization and strategy of the same.

On the one hand, the technicalities and the part that a base in programming knowledge perhaps requires Web, since to be able to optimize a code one assumes that first you must know that language. On the other hand they are the contents, in which professional as journalists, writers or fans to the reading or writing they can make a great work, although personally I think that they will limp if they do not have a base of SEO in his formation in which they know as making a search of keywords, how to use the titles, etc.

marketing of contents

United SEO and Marketing of the hand

The SEO that works under Marketing of Contents creates and distributes excellent contents of quality and that have as objective the pick up and connection with potential users and clients. Therefore, we could say that one is not useful content promotional but contained for the Web and the company/brand/person.
Really, we must learn what contents to create and how to structure them and to publish them for the attainment of our objectives.
By all means before creating pages or posts, first that we must do it is to have a strategy of marketing and SEO in our contents

The Marketing of contents generates SEO, but, And vice versa?

Not long ago Google valued plus the Webs that had robot language, on optimized with the repetition of key words until in the soup€¦ etc, but after the last updates of the algorithm search it causes that more is valued better and the contents, that is to say, if we generated well structured contents of quality and, at the same time we will be improving the SEO.
With this update the finder this killing two birds of a shot: It improves the quality of his results search, and improves the experience of the users who use Google, that is to say, 99.9% of Internet.

SEO and marketing

Conclusion: If Google takes the annoyance to give importance to the user, then for us the user whom our Web, its comfort visits, and the content that we offer to him: it must be the most important aspect.

We generate contents and we improved SEO, if we worked in this direction clearly we will have positive things, but, and vice versa? , We can generate Marketing of contents through SEO. Clear that if, we can do this through tools as SEmRush, that says to us who are our competition, what key words use and that traffic obtains through them. Therefore we can base our new contents on keywords that we do not have positioned and our competition IF, as long as we respect the basic norm: decide to you that these creating contained so that the user reads it, not only for the finder. As simple as that.

The keys of the success of a SEO

  • Technique and knowledge in programming Web and reading of the source code.
  • €œBasic€ technique and knowledge on Web servers.
  • Developing knowledge Web for the structuring of contents.
  • Creativity and I devise in the creation of contents.
  • Analytical search of keywords and of the same.
  • Understanding of graphs and statistics for the search of new niches or simply to include the levels of chosen competition of keywords.
  • I always say that a good SEO is a person who has played strategy online, because after all he is very similar.

What part you like more? , you think that a SEO must of knowing how to take all this? or perhaps he is better to delegate and to divide to tasks of marketing and SEO€¦

In following the post we will see how create a zero article, considering the Marketing of contents and the SEO, that is to say, will study the title, the structure and the content that must take our publication to be successful between the SEO and our readers.
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Gu­a de Marketing of contents for nascent:

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