Gu­a de Marketing for nascent: Types of contents CAP 2

Gu­a de Marketing for nascent

In chapter 1 of this saga we spoke of the Marketing of contents, and of how the Marketing of contents generates SEO and vice versa. Once we know clearly all these concepts the following step will be to know what types of contents I must include in my Blog.
It is very important that in this Gu­a de Marketing for nascent you observe as they are the tools that we have to our reach, later to use all the means and the resources of the way that adapts more to our own style at the time of creating quality contents to publish in our Blog.

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Types of content for a Blog:

  • Videos:
    A Video is a very good resource to use and to include in a post of the Blog, feeds the content on the article and in addition help to that the user is more time in our Web, and this one is an aspect that Google values of considerable and positive form for ours site. Often to many users they do not like too much to read, reason why it is good for including always some other format in our content.
  • Presentations:
    To support an entrance of the Blog with a presentation Slideshare type can benefit us from considerable way, to always see a scheme or sketch help to the understanding than it is being read and storing in our brain.
    Concerning traffic Web this can vice versa suppose direct entrances from Slideshare towards our Web and.
  • Computer graphics:
    It is a visual content that appears the user of graphical form. The computer graphics usually are rather more expensive at economic level, since to create more or less decent computer graphics you need a graphical designer. The computer graphics generate a considerable increase in the traffic Web of your site, although after 3 or 4 days you will return to the starting point where you were initially:

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  • Text:
    The text must be the pillar of our contents (approx 80% €“ 90%) for several reasons: first of them and most important one it is than publishing text articles continuously are not going to us to generate a spectacular ascent of traffic as for example the computer graphics (unless it is a explosion of post), but what if is going to us to generate surely is a stable and continuous traffic, that is what really our Blog needs. And the second reason is that if these publications are done of the suitable way possibly facilitates the things so that Google opens the faucet to our Web, that is to say, increases the graph of impressions in the results search (SERPs):impression-Google

Compilation and conclusions

We must mix all the types of content, giving vital importance to the format text with a 80% or 90% of the total, leaving the rest into the hands of videos, computer graphics or presentations that serve to us as support.

On the other hand an advice: it is not necessary to obsess itself with wanting to look oneself like anybody, simply you yourself and leaves your ideas they are developed, growing and that flows with naturalness, if you are original and worker in the end your content along with a mixture of the strategy and knowing how to make the things well causes that you are successful with your Blog.
If you look for to copy or you try to seem to you much to another person in the end you will feel blocked, and a good Blogger needs to comply the males well and to feel to taste with itself to develop what takes inside.

Gu­a de Marketing of contents for nascent:

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