How it must organize his time a Freelance one

How it must organize his time a freelance one

To work as Freelance knows some clearly advantages as for example that the schedules can be more flexible and one same one you can organize his time, although also has other many disadvantages as the difficulty to obtain lasting contracts with clients who allow an economic stability in the long term you.
The majority of Freelancers owns clients with who they work in diverse projects, each of them with its own characteristics and determined duration, for that reason is essential a worker independently to be able to organize itself so that the tasks are continuous, avoiding that exist stoppages between some projects and others, since in case this happened it would derive in a serious disadvantage for our habits, routines and really for our business.

Then: How we have to be organized not to have stoppages in our work?

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How a Freelance one must organize its habits

This is the most complicated task since the clients of a freelance worker can appear at any time to any hour and, in addition the people who always contact wait for immediate availability to you on the part of the professional. Therefore, the best thing than we can do is to define perfectly and to be strict in our schedule of availability and work, not breaking it under no concept, the clients at first will show emergency character for each one of the problems that can arise to him, but you yourself you will have to leak and to begin to respect your schedule so that the others end up doing the same with you.

To organize the e-mail and the mobile

The best thing than we can do is to organize all the tasks that are within our schedule and reaches, for example:
Perhaps we can define a schedule to respond mails (although outside that schedule you answer most important), the best thing is to respond everything of the day first thing, next you can stipulate schedules to review the inbox from time to time (I personally close it while I program or carry out other tasks, since I need a degree concentration and maximum relaxation). Here we can differentiate the subjects that are of urgent character, or via mail or telephone.

How to distinguish emails and the important calls?
In the first place in this aspect there is freelancers that commits a basic error, and is that they have an account of mixed email and/or personal telephone with work, in this way its inbox contains relative, friendly post office, publicity and work, in this way turns out very complicated to organize itself, therefore we must separate and have a mail and a line of telephone only and exclusively dedicated for labor subjects.

Advice to organize our account of corporative email

  • unique mail for new contacts, its level of alert is maximum, because almost everything what enters this way are propose new of work (contact form), reason why a mail to this account will be answered immediately with urgent character. This mail arrives and synchronizes with all the devices that we have, since the difference of which they contract to us or cannot depend on the rapidity of the answer.
  • here mails arrive from communications with established clients or, the alert level is average, and while programs or you carry out other tasks that require maximum concentration you can deshabilitarlos.
  • in this group of emails it is the rest of people with power, collaborator, workers, others freelancers, independent€¦ etc, that is to say, all person that works or collaborates under your brand. To these accounts you must redirect certain post office and delegate if you do not want to finish estresado to the second day of the week.

Another recommendation: to use anti Spam to filter post office trash that makes us waste the time, and you try to maintain the list of mail wished not updated in a file.

Reminders and appointments of a Freelance one

The ideas, annotations, lists and reminders must be in a single place.
It can happen later that we began writing down the reminder in posits, in an application, soon in the other and finally we do not know nor we found where it is each thing, by all means we cannot allow that this happens, we must have an only synchronous application for the reminders and appointments in all our devices, for it I recommend this article that enumerates some useful tools for freelance.

This type of applications in addition to collaborating with us in the management of the appointments and reminders will help us to have a general vision of the work that we have ahead, thus knowing exactly which will be the time of delivery precise of each one of the projects to realise.

Relations with the clients

The deal with the clients usually is complicated to take, and in more than an occasion you will look for desperate the way to treat difficult clients and you will even have serious doubts if you must Educate the client or really educate to us same.

It turns out vitally important to construct lasting relations with the clients, to have some foundations and some fixed income in the long term are indispensable in this type of businesses. He is preferable to work in a project long play that invoices less money than not in a project to fixed price that to initially generates major percentage us of benefits.

The relations with long term clients will give to tranquillity and stability us, since we will know how to work and how to communicate with that person or company to us, in addition it will give the possibility us of organizing the agenda far better to us and the time, aspect that to short, half and long term will be to us beneficial, as much economic as mentally.

Accounting of a Freelance one

When you work in a company cobras the list of a pull, therefore to manage it is simpler than to work as Freelance, since to independent normally a money it is to him raining every week or day, this it has much danger because sometimes you can feel rich by a day and end up quickly despilfarrarando the money.

My advice is that you have a registry of the accounting in which are clear as much the expenses as the income.

He saves your time

When you work from house or independently you are responsible for several things with respect to your time: hours of rest, free time and vacation. You must be organized and honest in this aspect and to inform into when you are in period of vacation, since if we do not do it to our return we will not find the good news.

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