SEO: Page Rank, Page Authority and Domain Authority

Relevance of a Web, Page Authority and Domain Authority

When we more or less read articles technicians on SEO and these speak on backlinks and connections to our Web, we found terms that at first can sound eg: Chinese to the Page Rank, the PA and IT GIVES. Not you asusteis because simply they are parameters that Google uses as scale to measure the authority of our Web on the others, and thus to be able rankearnos in the results of the web search engine.

If you have arrived up to here I imagine that you will know that the incoming connections to our Web (backlinks) are one of the fights that we have the SEOs, since they enormously favor the positioning in the SERPs (results search).

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Page Rank, Page Authority and Domain Authorithy
In the first place I am going to try to explain to you of the possible simplest form, than they mean these three terms.

What is the Page Rank

The Page Rank is a system of scale created by Google to measure the popularity of our Web, simply it is a score that the finder assigns to us and that is within a rank of 0-10.
Many theories exist on the operation of the algorithm of Google in charge to solve the score of Page Rank of a Web, although the certain thing is that only Google exactly knows the number of incoming connections and which authority must be these to raise from a step another one within the Page Rank. On the other hand also it is probable that a number of €œtoxic€ connections, that is to say, connections of Webs with bad popularity, could in the same way reduce score to us within the algorithm.

Types of incoming connections

dofollow €“ nofollow
Dofollow or nofollow is the value of the attribute that is introduced within label HTML

<a rel " dofollow or nofollow " >anchor text</a>

The connections with the value dofollow have major importance for the Page Rank that the connections nofollow, the attribute dofollow indicates to the finder that must follow this connection, that is of confidence and that takes into account the anchor text from the link (word or words contained within the link and which they form the text of the hyperbond).
The connections with the value nofollow are links that are not tracked by the web search engines although in certain way also it has his importance.

How to know page rank

There are hundreds of tools to find out it, I I provide this to you:
Tool Online to measure the Page Rank

What is the Domain Authority

The Domain Authority as its own name indicates is the authority of the domain, and it is another indicator created by SeoMoz that measures and solves the probability that a name from domain, that is to say the website to the complete one is positioned in the finders. They say that as much Domain Authority as the Page Authority rank is used to measure the Page.
The authority of the domain depends in certain way of its antiquity and the valued thing that is.

How to know domain authority

There are hundreds of tools to find out it, I I provide this to you:
Moz Bar

What is the Page Authority

The Page Authority is the authority of a webpage within our domain, we do not confuse with the authority of the website. Each page of individual form also has its authority.
The PA measures the probability of an only webpage within the site of being classified by Google. The scale of the PA goes from 0 to 100, and while greater it is this theoretically better value we will position in the finder in the key words that this page contains.

Authority and SEO

In spite of the importance of having a good PA and a good one IT GIVES to position, exist €œinexplicable€ things in Google that only they know as for example:


The enigma is there and nobody except the engineers of Google can in the end know the operation the algorithms that use, what we do is to give blind person woods until finding the solution by our own experience, we learn through trial and error€¦ as the same life.

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